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Noun1.devil-worship - the acts or rites of worshiping devils
worship - the activity of worshipping
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I have met him several times at Benares, and also at Buddh Gaya, to interrogate him on releegious points and devil-worship.
It differs from most other forms of devil-worship and human sacrifice in the fact that the blood is not shed formally on the altar, but by a sort of assassination among the crowd.
Now, devil-worship is a perfectly genuine religion.
Now, sir," said he, "though I do not acknowledge your religion, or you mine, yet we would be glad to see the devil's servants and the subjects of his kingdom taught to know religion; and that they might, at least, hear of God and a Redeemer, and the resurrection, and of a future state--things which we all believe; that they might, at least, be so much nearer coming into the bosom of the true Church than they are now in the public profession of idolatry and devil-worship.
Christianity has borrowed heavily from most Pagan rituals, but then considering Paganism (again, not meaning devil-worship as many people assume) was the very first form of organised religion, this doesn't seem that odd.
Some religious extremists will label Vodou as devil-worship.
His memory brings with it stories of devil-worship, human sacrifice and black magic rituals.
Meanwhile, we have heard from clerics and school-heads who want children's Hallowe'en parties banned because they are pagan, encourage devil-worship and may frighten tots.
In 1993 three teen boys were deemed satanic ritualistic murderers and convicted for the brutal murders of three eight year old boys on the basis of listening to heavy metal music, wearing black clothing and devil-worship.