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Noun1.deviled egg - halved hard-cooked egg with the yolk mashed with mayonnaise and seasonings and returned to the whitedeviled egg - halved hard-cooked egg with the yolk mashed with mayonnaise and seasonings and returned to the white
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
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Meanwhile, to prepare the deviled egg topping, place the eggs in a large saucepan.
Case in point: his King Crab Deviled Egg that nests above, de rigueur in the mid-century, still enchanting today.
The signature seafood Louie comes with grilled salmon, Dungeness crab, bay shrimp, deviled egg and Thousand Island dressing.
The 2006 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery focused on the egg and produced the 36 papers contained in this volume, which address a surprisingly diverse range of topics, including the use of the egg in various national cuisines, of course, and also the symbolism and mythology of the egg, ovophilia in Renaissance culture, annotated pictorial documentation of an almost extinct German egg recipe, the history of the deviled egg, consideration of the means of realizing Salvador Dali's unfinished plan to construct a ten-food boiled egg, and the souffle's rise alongside feminism in the 1960s.
Caption(s): Reed & Barton added a deviled egg tray to its popular Rope serveware collection.
TO SERVE: Place one halved deviled egg onto a plate.
D'Lish Deviled Eggs lives up to its title with a dazzling panoply of deviled egg delights.
Follow our tips and simple steps below to make the perfect hard-boiled eggs that can be turned into a mouthwatering deviled egg.
Ideas for fun Halloween games and recipes for treats such as Deviled egg eyeballs are also included.
While you can cook and prepare the deviled egg filling the day before and refrigerate, fill the egg white halves just before dining.
Finished off with two deviled egg halves and a choice of dressing.
Nowadays, Anna stuffs cooked egg whites with a deviled egg style mixture of tuna and cooked yolks.