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tr.v. de·vised, de·vis·ing, de·vis·es
1. To form, plan, or arrange in the mind; design or contrive: devised a new system for handling mail orders.
2. Law To transmit or give (real property) by will.
3. Archaic To suppose; imagine.
n. Law
a. The act of transmitting or giving real property by will.
b. The property or lands so transmitted or given.
2. A will or clause in a will transmitting or giving real property.

[Middle English devisen, from Old French deviser, from Vulgar Latin *dēvīsāre, from Latin *dīvīsāre, frequentative of dīvidere, to divide; see divide.]

de·vis′a·ble adj.
de·vis′er n.
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Noun1.deviser - a person who makes plansdeviser - a person who makes plans    
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
intriguer, designer - a person who devises plots or intrigues; "he is believed to be the principal designer of the terrorist bombing attack"
maneuverer, manoeuvrer - a person skilled in maneuvering
plotter, schemer - a planner who draws up a personal scheme of action
strategian, strategist - an expert in strategy (especially in warfare)
tactician - a person who is skilled at planning tactics


[dɪˈvaɪzəʳ] N [of scheme, plan] → inventor(a) m/f
References in classic literature ?
Around the devisers of new values revolveth the world:--invisibly it revolveth.
Away from the market-place and from fame taketh place all that is great: away from the market-Place and from fame have ever dwelt the devisers of new values.
5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Based on its recent analysis of the field network test equipment market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Deviser Instruments with the 2015 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation.
Newcastle-based label Sun Harmonics is releasing techno artist om10's new Deviser EP today.
Arguably, our inability to comprehend Unkulunkulu has led some of our Ubuntu to represent The Great Deviser in many forms including:
Last year the synthesiser deviser released his debut solo album, the unanimously lauded Outside In - a spacious arrangement of stately '70s AOR balladeering that proved the man renowned for bringing a little leftfield electronic a to the Furries was capable of chameleon-like reinvention.
Deviser of the online calculator Dr Margaret Ashwell said women who keep their waist size to less than half their height are the perfect pear shape, as embodied by Kelly Brook.
According to Khadijah Rohani (1987), the deviser of the Malay language readability formula (Tay, 2005), readability of a reading material is the capacity of and difficulty-ease level of it being understood.
By accident of time I was, to my great regret, prevented from meeting Oscar Wilde, but, 'Paddy the next best thing', I enjoyed friendship with his great theatrical embodiment, Micheal MacLiarnmoir, deviser and presenter of that great one-man show, The Importance of Being Oscar.
Dave, along with Trail deviser Pete Chambers and organiser Carole Quinney, will walk the route with a group of fans, visiting significant landmarks in 2-Tone history.
A second disc has a discussion between the deviser and his cast, which, although enjoyable, is not without embarrassing gaffes.
The star, however, is the unassuming Jeff Clarke, a deus ex machina as deviser, stage director and musical director.