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tr.v. de·voiced, de·voic·ing, de·voic·es
To pronounce (a normally voiced sound) without vibration of the vocal cords so as to make it wholly or partly voiceless.


(diːˈvɔɪs) ,




(Phonetics & Phonology) (tr) phonetics to make (a voiced speech sound) voiceless



v. -voiced, -voic•ing. v.t.
1. to pronounce (an ordinarily voiced speech sound) without or with reduced vibration of the vocal cords.
2. to devoice a speech sound.


Past participle: devoiced
Gerund: devoicing

I devoice
you devoice
he/she/it devoices
we devoice
you devoice
they devoice
I devoiced
you devoiced
he/she/it devoiced
we devoiced
you devoiced
they devoiced
Present Continuous
I am devoicing
you are devoicing
he/she/it is devoicing
we are devoicing
you are devoicing
they are devoicing
Present Perfect
I have devoiced
you have devoiced
he/she/it has devoiced
we have devoiced
you have devoiced
they have devoiced
Past Continuous
I was devoicing
you were devoicing
he/she/it was devoicing
we were devoicing
you were devoicing
they were devoicing
Past Perfect
I had devoiced
you had devoiced
he/she/it had devoiced
we had devoiced
you had devoiced
they had devoiced
I will devoice
you will devoice
he/she/it will devoice
we will devoice
you will devoice
they will devoice
Future Perfect
I will have devoiced
you will have devoiced
he/she/it will have devoiced
we will have devoiced
you will have devoiced
they will have devoiced
Future Continuous
I will be devoicing
you will be devoicing
he/she/it will be devoicing
we will be devoicing
you will be devoicing
they will be devoicing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been devoicing
you have been devoicing
he/she/it has been devoicing
we have been devoicing
you have been devoicing
they have been devoicing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been devoicing
you will have been devoicing
he/she/it will have been devoicing
we will have been devoicing
you will have been devoicing
they will have been devoicing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been devoicing
you had been devoicing
he/she/it had been devoicing
we had been devoicing
you had been devoicing
they had been devoicing
I would devoice
you would devoice
he/she/it would devoice
we would devoice
you would devoice
they would devoice
Past Conditional
I would have devoiced
you would have devoiced
he/she/it would have devoiced
we would have devoiced
you would have devoiced
they would have devoiced
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Verb1.devoice - utter with tense vocal chords
enounce, enunciate, pronounce, sound out, articulate, say - speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way; "She pronounces French words in a funny way"; "I cannot say `zip wire'"; "Can the child sound out this complicated word?"
vocalize, voice, vocalise, sound - utter with vibrating vocal chords
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Tenders are invited for Information Kiosk With Thin Client, Touch Screen, 4 Gb Rom, 2 Gb Ram, Touch Screen 17 Lcd Monitor With Provision For Other Peripherals Like Ba Device, Bio-Metric Devoice, Camera Etc As Per Cris/Ndls Specification Enclosed.
Exploiting Bluetooth on android mobile devices for home security application present the information about mobile devoice has been integrated into our everyday life.
In Orkney English, speakers regularly devoice initial /dz/.
The rhotic hence tends to devoice after voiceless consonants such as [k], and dental [d] and [t] assimilate regressively to the rhotic, resulting in [tr], an alveolar quasi-affricate sound.
To find out the appropriate devoice clinician assess the abilities and necessities of a user, to find out the motor, cognitive, visual, communication and language strengths and weaknesses.
4Ghz, 2x2 MIMO access point devoice, priced at USD189, is available immediately.
If you are used to using Dropbox on your iOS devoice, the interface should be in familiar territory for you.
Now, the think-tanks, the journalists, the writers, on both sides of the country have a pivotal role to play, in order to make the separation all the more peaceful and smooth, and not to allow the NIF Lunatics to lead us into disastrous devoice that will have lasting effects on any future reunification.
A close reading of fantasia as a central, ironic trope will demonstrate the process by which it can be prefigured as an interlacing of classical music in Europe with the artistic production on its peripheries; it is the other that the aestheticized French colonial accounts often ignore or reduce to a regressive tribal and cultural practice devoice of any political force.
But even in her musical reception there is, in time, a tendency to devoice Ophelia: whereas Johannes Brahms and Richard Strauss produced Lieder setting German translations of Ophelia's songs from Shakespeare, in 1946 John Cage composes an 'Ophelia' piano solo for dance, in 1975 Oliver Knussen's 'Ophelia dances' are for nine instruments (without voice), and in 1987 Richard Rodney Bennett composes a cantata on Rimbaud's 'Ophelie' poem of 1870.
lt;b> and <d> devoice to [p] and [t] in coda position.
Sonorants devoice word-finally in clusters and word-initially before obstruents, i.