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 (dəv-wär′, dĕv′wär′)
1. often devoirs An act or expression of respect or courtesy; civility: pay one's devoirs.
2. Duty or responsibility.

[Middle English, duty, from Old French, from devoir, to owe, from Latin dēbēre; see ghabh- in Indo-European roots.]


1. duty; obligation
2. endeavour; fulfilment of duty


(dəˈvwɑr, ˈdɛv wɑr)

1. an act of civility or respect.
2. devoirs, respects or compliments.
3. responsibility; duty.
[1250–1300; < Old French devoir < Latin dēbēre to owe; compare debt, endeavor]
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Noun1.devoir - formal expression of respect
civility, politeness - the act of showing regard for others


n (form, liter)
(= duty)Pflicht f; to do one’s devoirseine Pflicht tun
(= respect)Höflichkeit f
References in classic literature ?
Adieu, mon ami; je vous souhaiterais un devoir plus agreable a remplir.
unable to combat in her own behalf, she doth offer, by a champion instead thereof, to avouch her case, he performing his loyal devoir in all knightly sort, with such arms as to gage of battle do fully appertain, and that at her peril and cost.
I entreat your worship by your devoir as a gentleman to be so good as to make a declaration before the alcalde of this village that you never in all your life saw me until now, and that neither am I the Don Quixote in print in the Second Part, nor this Sancho Panza, my squire, the one your worship knew.
Paul, there are men so caitiff that they think more of a scrivener's pen than of their lady's smile, and do their devoir in hopes that they may fill a line in a chronicle or make a tag to a jongleur's romance.
Et vous oubliez votre devoir," she said to Veslovsky, who came out too on the steps.
I remember this well; for, having sat up late that evening, correcting devoirs, and feeling weary and a little oppressed with the closeness of my small room, I opened the often-mentioned boarded window, whose boards, however, I had persuaded old Madame Pelet to have removed since I had filled the post of professor in the pensionnat de demoiselles, as, from that time, it was no longer "inconvenient" for me to overlook my own pupils at their sports.
Catherine, by whom this meeting was wholly unexpected, received her brother with the liveliest pleasure; and he, being of a very amiable disposition, and sincerely attached to her, gave every proof on his side of equal satisfaction, which he could have leisure to do, while the bright eyes of Miss Thorpe were incessantly challenging his notice; and to her his devoirs were speedily paid, with a mixture of joy and embarrassment which might have informed Catherine, had she been more expert in the development of other people's feelings, and less simply engrossed by her own, that her brother thought her friend quite as pretty as she could do herself.
Dans ma position j'ai des devoirs,"* said Helene changing from Russian, in which language she always felt that her case did not sound quite clear, into French which suited it better.
I meant to make her my devoirs, but, as I stepped forward, the old wound broke out afresh, and I had to turn away.
beaucoup moins que] Bien sur, j'aimerais encore gagner un titre de champion, mais mon devoir est de penser a autre chose qu'a ce je veux.
Au meme titre que les vaillants elements de nos forces armees royales , qui sont mobilises au niveau de l'ensemble de notre territoire , dans des zones reculees , difficiles d'acces , tout au long de nos frontieres pour assurer notre defense , les professionnels de sante sont des soldats en blouse blanche qui ont la meme responsabilite , le meme devoir national pour soigner , soulager , reconforter , soutenir , celles et ceux parmi nos citoyens qui sont malades la ou ils habitent , que ce soit en milieu urbain ou en milieu rural .
Rabat - Sa Majeste le Roi Mohammed VI, que Dieu L'assiste, a bien voulu donne Son approbation a la promotion et la nomination d'un certain nombre de fonctionnaires du Royaume, en recompense de leur devouement et abnegation dans l'accomplissement du devoir, annonce mardi le ministere de la maison royale, du protocole et de la Chancellerie dans un communique, dont voici la traduction: