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Of, relating to, expressive of, or used in devotion, especially of a religious nature.
A short religious service.

de·vo′tion·al·ly adv.
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Lady Lundie raised her eyes, devotionally, to the ceiling.
LAHORE -- Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has said that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif will be the PML-N candidate for the prime minister's office after the next elections and he will serve the country as dedicatedly and devotionally as he did in Punjab that today stands above all others in terms of development and facilities to the masses.
Lindvall favors devotionally animated satire as the source of an energy that rebuilds and redeems: "The truest religious satire came from writers within the Christian Church" (183).
38) That is, Mueller argues that Donne was thinking devotionally, and I suggest that his devotional habit was informed specifically by the lectio tradition.
The President emphasized that according to the opinion polls, a growing number of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine want to have a single national autocephalous church eucharistically and devotionally united, yet administratively independent from other church jurisdictions.
The cremation Ceremony will be held under state sponsorship with full state honors considering the tremendous service rendered religiously and devotionally to the community of Sanga and to Sri Lanka by him" stated Minister of Home Affairs,Wajira Abeywardana at a media briefing held yesterday at the Ministry of Home affairs.
A place where you could be politically left, but devotionally conservative.
For devotionally oriented Hindus attached to the saguna tradition, the poets encourage a range of possible relationships with God: One can approach him or her as a servant, a friend, a parent, a child, or even a lover.
However, in contrast, Siddiqui also writes as a Muslim academic, devotionally committed to the Quran as a "book of divine guidance and inspiration.
61) As with the reception of communion (and the requirement that this be accompanied by frequent confession), the need for modest dress in church became a frequent topic in Kamm's early locutions and demonstrates what emerged as a major difference in religious practice between the migrant and devotionally inclined associates of Kamm and the wider Church.
The liturgical singing, in the backdrop of the bronze bust of Sadguru Yesu, was devotionally conducted by Joshy Alat, while the chants were led by Rev Ashok Masih.
It is difficult for instance to make Luther a champion promoter of ecumenical and tolerant attitudes, doctrinally or devotionally, with other Protestants.