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adj. de·vout·er, de·vout·est
a. Devoted to a religion or to the fulfillment of religious obligations: a devout Catholic.
b. Characterized by religious devotion or piety: devout observance of the holy days.
a. Fervently believing in or advocating an ideology or position: a devout socialist.
b. Fervent or earnest: devout wishes for their success.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin dēvōtus, past participle of dēvovēre, to vow; see devote.]

de·vout′ly adv.
de·vout′ness n.
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Noun1.devoutness - piety by virtue of being devout
piety, piousness - righteousness by virtue of being pious
religiosity, religiousism, pietism, religionism - exaggerated or affected piety and religious zeal


A state of often extreme religious ardour:
References in classic literature ?
He believed almost with devoutness in the plot which he had detected for the spoliation of Lord Wetherby's summer-house, that plot of which he held Lord Dawlish to be the mainspring.
Djali reared himself on his hind legs, and began to bleat, marching along with so much dainty gravity, that the entire circle of spectators burst into a laugh at this parody of the interested devoutness of the captain of pistoliers.
And perhaps here was an opportunity indicated for making her mind more worthy of its highest service; perhaps the noblest, completest devoutness could hardly exist without some width of knowledge;
Popularized morals' used to be diligence, saving, frugality, honesty, good faith, and devoutness under the mixture of Confucianism and others.
Different times of your life devoutness will unfold before you in light of the fact that now and then we can't have an understanding of our accomplice's need.
The first objective is to create a valid and reliable attitude scale regarding multiculturalism, and the second objective is to study the classroom teacher candidates' opinions and attitudes towards multiculturalism in accordance with the gender, socio-economic status and devoutness variables.
PKS, under the leadership of patron Hilmi Aminuddin and party president Anis Matta, had run some of the most aggressive attacks on Jokowi during the campaign, more or less openly questioning his Islamic devoutness.
The drama treats divine callings and the devoutness of church employees with respect while questioning whether it makes sense for a religious institution to more or less operate by its own rules.
However, such a custom will only bring about a system of worship where materialism would overtake every visible trace of devoutness to reduce one's faith to mere symbolic acts without any will to reason and rationalize.
Educated and affluent youth, who go to the most prestigious colleges and universities, are equally prone to terrorism and militancy; religiosity and devoutness cannot be attributed as the only factors.
Mandhouj et al (34) reported that spirituality and devoutness among detainees is an important means of coping with incarceration and stressful events, and a means of finding inner peace, showing altruism and gaining respect of others.
Only through the belief and life in Christ we acquire the criterion to effectively distinguish the genuine devoutness.