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adj. de·vout·er, de·vout·est
a. Devoted to a religion or to the fulfillment of religious obligations: a devout Catholic.
b. Characterized by religious devotion or piety: devout observance of the holy days.
a. Fervently believing in or advocating an ideology or position: a devout socialist.
b. Fervent or earnest: devout wishes for their success.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin dēvōtus, past participle of dēvovēre, to vow; see devote.]

de·vout′ly adv.
de·vout′ness n.
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Noun1.devoutness - piety by virtue of being devout
piety, piousness - righteousness by virtue of being pious
religiosity, religiousism, pietism, religionism - exaggerated or affected piety and religious zeal


A state of often extreme religious ardour:
References in classic literature ?
Djali reared himself on his hind legs, and began to bleat, marching along with so much dainty gravity, that the entire circle of spectators burst into a laugh at this parody of the interested devoutness of the captain of pistoliers.
He believed almost with devoutness in the plot which he had detected for the spoliation of Lord Wetherby's summer-house, that plot of which he held Lord Dawlish to be the mainspring.
And perhaps here was an opportunity indicated for making her mind more worthy of its highest service; perhaps the noblest, completest devoutness could hardly exist without some width of knowledge;
Qur'an, 9:19) It is not devoutness to turn your faces to the East or to the West.
This may have been because of its large shareholdings in banks rather than the devoutness of local bankers, but everything has changed since the economic meltdown of 2013.
If some of the Western writers and thinkers live in the Middle East for some time, they will appreciate the devoutness of many Muslims and their displeasure at any irreverence on religious matters.
But these are by no means cheap, attractive, crossover arrangements, nothing exceedingly meditative--they are altogether positive demonstrations ol personal devoutness.
Nelsons' freely-flowing beat (having learned the technique, now he can modify it as he will) drew grittiness, sonority, desolation, brilliance, devoutness and total dedication from his players - among whom the whimpering trumpet of Catherine Moore was outstanding.
Ruyu "deemed what she perceived in their formidable shadow the only life worth living, sterility mistaken for purity, aloofness for devoutness.
The court prudently avoided the potentially endless task of adumbrating criteria by which local governments, acting as piety police, could finely calibrate a constitutionally acceptable quantity of devoutness in public prayers, or could draw a bright line between acknowledging and worshiping a divinity.
It is for Job's freedom of mind, and the devoutness of heart it makes possible, that God commends Job as the only person who has spoken rightly of him; it is not the atheist who deserves the moniker of "freethinker," but the man of faith, Job.
Female civil servants have now been allowed to wear the veil, while their male counterparts can sport beards as symbols of Muslim devoutness, News24 reports.