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 (do͞o′ē, dyo͞o′ē)
adj. dew·i·er, dew·i·est
1. Moist with or as if with dew: dewy grass in early morning.
2. Accompanied by dew: a dewy morning.
3. Suggestive of the freshness or purity of dew, as in innocence or naiveté: the dewy outlook of youth.

dew′i·ly adv.
dew′i·ness n.
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In fact, Nars has just unveiled a liquid version of the Holy Grail shade, offering the same peachy punch but now with added dewiness.
In fact, Nars has unveiled a liquid version of the Holy Grail shade, offering the peachy punch but now with added dewiness.
This gives you a demi-matte look that eventually transitions to perfectly subdued dewiness that screams healthy and pampered.
Its dewiness and vividness conveys the possibility of a bright future.
This moisturiser adds a dewiness to any complexion, as well as supporting the skin's structure and helping slow down the ageing process.
The surgery improved my life, but it wasn't a miracle cure; my feet still drip, and I still buy only clothes that camouflage general dewiness (prints and dark colors are good).
Subtle dewiness also set the tone at J Mendel, where makeup artists used highlighter mixed with moisturizer to achieve the right look.
For the perfect balance of coverage and dewiness, Japonesque's Luminous Foundation is ideal.
The Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer ($32) instantly awakens dull skin, illuminating and highlighting skin with dewiness.
This product matts down some of the dewiness of the tinted moisturiser we used earlier but still leaves the skin with a slight sheen.
Matte doesn't necessarily mean flat -- instead think of it as sheer or satiny -- and it definitely tones down any dewiness or sparkle.
It also gave a much heavier coverage than I expected and had none of the dewiness of a cream formulation.