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tr.v. de·wormed, de·worm·ing, de·worms
To cure (an animal) of worms; worm.

de·worm′er n.


(Veterinary Science) an agent for ridding (animals) of worms
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Tenders are invited for Chelated Calcium Feed Supplement Calcium Feed Supplement Chelated Mineral Mixture With Amino Acid Vitamins and minerals Dewormer Appetizer Uterine Cleanser Antistress Heat Inducer and Skin Ointment Vitamin Supplement etc
hepatica in ewes and lambs on posture after medication with dewormer in highlands of Kenya.
There are many other reasons of worm infestation such as improper time of deworming, wrong selection of dewormer and unawareness of rotation of deworming.
As a dewormer, the macrocyclic lactone ivermectin (Ivomec) is considered to be the most effective against deer worm larvae that haven't yet crossed the bloodbrain barrier (see "Blood-Brain Barrier"on page 88).
A more powerful dewormer such as Drontal Plus should also be administered at this time.
com)-- Big Apple Pet Supply has added Triple Wormer Chew Tablet Dewormer for Dogs to their extensive discount inventory.
Fenbendazole is the active ingredient in Canine Dewormer, which treats the four major worm types, including whipworms.
In this study, the researcher will try to find out whether the different methods of processing betel nut will be an effective dewormer to poultry and livestock.
Chili, for instance, is mixed in grain to treat respiratory ailments, stimulate appetite during heat stress, as a dewormer, and as treatment for Newcastle disease.
We used to eat the losers after a fight," Demoruelle said in passing, "but the dewormer some people use now makes the meat carcinogenic.