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tr.v. de·wormed, de·worm·ing, de·worms
To cure (an animal) of worms; worm.

de·worm′er n.


vb (tr)
(Veterinary Science) to rid or free of worms


1. any of numerous long, slender, soft-bodied, legless, bilaterally symmetrical invertebrates, including the roundworms, platyhelminths, acanthocephalans, nemerteans, horsehair worms, and annelids.
2. (loosely) any of numerous small creeping animals with more or less slender, elongated bodies, and without limbs or with very short ones.
3. something resembling or suggesting a worm in appearance, movement, etc.
4. a groveling, abject, or contemptible person.
5. the thread of a screw.
6. a rotating cylinder or shaft, cut with one or more helical threads, that engages with and drives a worm gear.
7. something that penetrates, injures, or consumes slowly or insidiously.
8. worms, (used with a sing. v.) any disease or disorder arising from the presence of parasitic worms in the intestines or other tissues; helminthiasis.
9. the lytta of a dog or other carnivorous animal.
10. computer code planted illegally in a software program so as to destroy data in any system that downloads the program, as by reformatting the hard disk.
11. to move or act like a worm; creep, crawl, or advance slowly, stealthily, or insidiously.
12. to cause to move in a devious or stealthy manner: a thief worming his hand into a coat pocket.
13. to get by persistent, insidious efforts (usu. fol. by out or from): to worm a secret out of someone.
14. to insinuate (oneself or one's way) into another's favor, confidence, etc.: He wormed his way into the king's favor.
15. to free from worms: to worm puppies.
16. Naut. to wind yarn or the like spirally round (a rope) so as to fill the spaces between the strands and render the surface smooth.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English wyrm dragon, serpent, worm, c. Old Saxon, Old High German wurm, Old Norse ormr, Gothic waurms; akin to Latin vermis]
worm′er, n.


write once, read many (times): a technology that allows data to be written onto an optical disc only once.
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By distributing pre/postnatal multivitamins to women, and high dose vitamin A and deworming treatments to at-risk children under age 5, Vitamin Angels combats the immediate risk of illness or death (Goal 3) faced by those lacking regular access to nutritious foods (Goal 2) as well as helping children build the foundation for long-term success (Goal 1).
Tenders are invited for Supply of following injectables, oral medicines, deworming medicines, supplements, accessories and wound dressing materials required for routine treatment and maintenance of animal health in Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysuru.
Camelid owners have been controlling meningeal worm by regularly deworming their alpacas and llamas.
The organization also works to educate moms about the importance of breastfeeding and proper nutrition, and helps reduce infection and improve absorption of vitamins with deworming treatments for young children.
Manila: The health department denied reports that it administered expired deworming tablets to public elementary schoolchildren in one of its programmes.
Positioned in the parking lot of Napa Humane Society, the big orange Compassion without Borders truck was setup to offer vet checkups, vaccinations, microchipping, flea and tick control, and deworming services for a small donation of $10.
BUFMAR serves as a central depot for medicines and medical equipment and also manufactures some basic products such as rehydration drips, ointments, and antimalaria and deworming tablets.
Furthermore, the Government expects to receive draft standards of municipal services of the basic register; create additional centers for provision of municipal services to the population taking into account financial security of local self-governments; ensure vaccination of small ruminants against brucellosis and deworming of dogs against echinococcosis.
He said that the organization constructed class rooms, washrooms, Deworming facilities, nutrition, teachers training program, early child education and provision of other missing facilities in the schools.
It's to hold Angola's leaders accountable so that they use oil money to buy deworming medicine and not $2,000-a-bottle Dom P`rignon.
As a breeder I can t seem to find two people that agree on vaccine schedules or deworming products.