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 (där′nə, dûr′-) also dhur·na (dûr′nə)
A hunger strike in which an aggrieved person or party sits down and refuses to move from a place associated with the party believed to be the source of the grievance, especially the entrance to a building or the door of a residence.

[Hindi dharnā, from Prakrit dharaṇa, from Sanskrit dharaṇam, act of supporting, stay; see dher- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈdʌnə; ˈdɑː-) or


(Law) (in India) a method of obtaining justice, as the payment of a debt, by sitting, fasting, at the door of the person from whom reparation is sought
[C18: from Hindi, literally: a placing]


or dhur•na

(ˈdʌr nə)

(in India) the traditional practice of demanding redress for an offense or payment of a debt by fasting at the doorstep of the offender or debtor.
[1785–95; < Hindi: placing]
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On the other hand, the performance of the dharna party in public service is zero and it has done nothing other than raising slogans, claims and carrying out dharnas,' he concluded.
VEHARI -- Those resorting to dharnas (sit-ins) caused delay in completion of power projects and people would defeat them in the next general elections through their vote.
Pakistan has witnessed three big dharnas so far, with diverse results as discussed.
Religious party dharna at Faizabad had sent a dangerous message to the world, therefore, we are opposed to such dharnas, he remarked.
The practice of organising dharnas became popular with the Jamaat-i-Islami's former leadership.
Introduced during the Lawyer's Movement and Long March, this model of seeking political change through public dharnas come to a fruition during the PAT and PTI dharnas.
Munaf maintained the amount of money spent by PTI chief Imran on dharnas could had brought the province out of economic complex if spent on positive and constructive works.
PESHAWAR -- Dharnas politics causing negative trends of violence and inhumanity in our political system.
The dharnas for recovery of dues are so (effective) that some of the defaulters are now coming to us saying please do not do a dharna outside our house, we would start paying dues within a week's time," said P Srinivas, managing director and CEO of United Bank of India.
Suggesting a bonhomie between AAP and BJP, Rahul asked why Kejriwal's party is not organizing dharnas over incidents of rape and corruption now when BJP rules the Centre.
The people had already realised that he and his party did not have any agenda except for staging dharnas even after becoming a chief minister and abusing people by levelling baseless allegations even if it meant going to jail," Amarinder said.
Fb Wale Dude Baba &rlm;@FbWaleDudeBaba posted, "#YoKejriwalSoBrave that he decides to launch dharnas and protests when he's in power to change things.