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n. pl. dho·tis also dho·ties
A garment consisting of a length of cloth that is typically wrapped around the waist, passed between the legs, and tucked in at the waistline, worn chiefly by Hindu men in India.

[Hindi dhotī, from Middle Indic *dhautta, *dhotta, cloth, probably from past participle of *dhauvati, he washes, from Sanskrit dhūnoti, dhau-, he shakes.]


(ˈdəʊtɪ) ,






n, pl -tis
(Clothing & Fashion) a long loincloth worn by men in India
[C17: from Hindi]


(ˈdoʊ ti)

n., pl. -tis.
a long loincloth worn by many Hindu men in India.
[1615–25; < Hindi]
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Noun1.dhoti - a long loincloth worn by Hindu men
breechcloth, breechclout, loincloth - a garment that provides covering for the loins
lendaklæîi, lendaskÿla
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The Canadian Prime Minister was also seen donning the traditional Tamilian attire, with a white Dhoti, Yellow silk shirt and an angavastram.
At a meeting with journalists, Rajinikanth said many revolutions have started in Tamil Nadu including Mahatma Gandhi's decision to wear only dhoti and a shawl at Madurai in 1921.
Clad in a wrinkled shirt and dhoti, Majhi said he had no other option but to carry the body on his shoulder.
We have noticed that especially in 2-tier cities like Jaipur there is still a huge need to introduce the unconventional cuts like tail cut kurtis, trail cut kurtis, dhoti kurtis etc.
There was no bylaw in the TNCA, which banned wearing of dhoti in its campus, Jayalalith said and asserted "So, the act of denial of entry to those wearing dhoti was an act of insult but also not in line with TNCA laws.
I even got him a dhoti (loincloth), only to know later that this was the main issue for the school management," said a parent.
Let the confident, chic, playful or fashionable girl within you indulge with a quality range of fabulous tops, dhoti pants, bright palazzos and figure flattering dresses.
Women wear an eight-yard lugat sari worn in a kassoto or dhoti style, the palu end anchored with a knot.
Sir Richard was dressed in an off-white traditional kurta, bright red dhoti, simple brown chappals and a turban for the occasion.
Another outfit that stood out was a skirt drape which resembled that of a dhoti.
We screen-tested John and Ben, with full body and facial make-up and clad only in the dhoti, a loincloth of white homespun cotton draped from waist to knee.
A FRIEND of mine, who hoped he had the gift for writing, rebelled against his middleclass upbringing by becoming a beggar in Calcutta, where he alarmed the regulars by slapping along the pavement in a pair of colonial sandals, green socks, a freshly-pressed dhoti and a jacket checked in the style favoured by those who ride the turf.