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Adj.1.diabatic - involving a transfer of heat; "a diabatic process"
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
adiabatic - occurring without loss or gain of heat; "adiabatic expansion"
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Adiabatic refers to no heat transfer (no cooling water flow) while diabatic is with cooling.
It created a diabatic effect over a large part of the central plateau and the north eastern third of the country.
Potential vorticity is a quantity which is proportional to the dot product of vorticity and stratification that, following a parcel of air or water, can only be changed by diabatic or frictional processes.
Filling the gap for a book covering vibronic, nonadiabatic and diabatic couplings as well as radiationless processes in context, this monograph compiles classic and cutting-edge work from numerous researchers into one handy source.
Similarly, the insulin pump in the diabatic patient can be powered by the glucose of the blood stream of the patient (Katz et al.
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This section has been divided into two parts: First part comprising of literature on metastability in adiabatic capillary tubes and second part contains literature on diabatic capillary tubes.
adiabatic and diabatic arrangements) are used extensively in the refrigeration industry.
Flow boiling in horizontal tubes: Part 1-Development of a diabatic two-phase flow pattern map.