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[Alteration (influenced by Spanish diablo, devil) of diable.]
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His first thought was that it was the dump of a mine tunnel, but remembering that he was not in gold-bearing country, he dismissed the scar from his mind and continued the circle of his survey to the southeast, where, across the waters of San Pablo Bay, he could see, sharp and distant, the twin peaks of Mount Diablo.
Diablo, which bulked, twin-peaked, greencrinkled, against the sky.
Tweet this: Diablo Technologies showing #Memory1 the first all-flash DDR4 system memory at #MemCon 2015.
In the closing stages of this mental documentary you can also see Diablo having spikes screwed into his head to give him a permanent metal Mohawk.
Save Mount Diablo has spent the last 44 years working to improve and protect Mount Diablo's natural beauty, biological diversity, and historic and agricultural heritage.
Netlist's HyperCloud architecture breaks traditional memory speed and capacity limitations and we are very excited about delivering a key element of its success," said Cedric Paillard, Vice President of Marketing, Diablo Technologies.
Following the successful introduction in 2007 of Stanyl Diablo OCD2100, a high performance grade of Stanyl for under-the-bonnet (UTB) applications, DSM will showcase two new Diablo high-heat resins at the K 2010 show in Dusseldorf, Germany in October: Stanyl Diablo OCD2300 and Akulon Diablo.
It's been 12 years since we last ventured to the town of Tristram to square off against the forces of evil in the seminal PC game of the new millennium, Diablo II.
Here's hoping Blizzard can iron out the launch day bugs, or it'll feel like hell really has frozen over for Diablo fans.
Blizzard have also been working on the World Of Warcraft series for eight years, and it's certainly had a strong influence on Diablo III.
Diablo, who last year opened the Stormin' The Castle Festival, have two self-produced albums to their name, and will be playing tracks from both and are the only support act on the bill.
To accompany the Volkl skis, I wore Tecnica's Diablo Fire boots ($675), a top-end, all-mountain model made to take on steep faces, bumps, powder and groomed cruisers.