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1. Dealings with or worship of the devil or demons.
2. Devilish conduct or character.

di·ab′o·list n.
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Noun1.diabolist - an adherent of Satan or Satanism
devil worshiper - someone who worships devils
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
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I suggest a series of articles pointing out how dreary, how inhuman, how downright diabolist, is the very smell and atmosphere of some of these great houses.
Born into a Tokyo merchant family with declining fortunes, then later studying literature at Tokyo Imperial University until there was no money left for school fees, Tanizaki started off his professional life by writing plays, stories and screenplays, often involving his erotic and diabolist obsessions.
resists the seductive appeal of self-pity and redemption through suffering", (8) the diabolist mobilizes the Church's Devil to implicitly reject transcendental forms of redemption in favor of corporeal security and temporal empowerment.
Dupee also mentions the frequently expressed wish of the Oxford dons to be rid of the undergraduates in Zuleika Dobson and the taking of the Diabolist Soames's soul and body by the Devil himself in "Enoch Soames" from Seven Men and Two Others.
This month, Antony's partcipation will be centre stage at Meltdown on London's South Bank, with a bill featuring Lou Reed, native American star Buffy Saint Marie and sonic diabolist Diamanda Galas.
of the Diabolist, a feature Chesterton gave to Gregory in Thursday, to