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Of or concerned with phenomena, such as linguistic features, as they change through time.

[From dia- + Greek khronos, time.]

di′a·chron′i·cal·ly adv.


in a diachronic fashion
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Noting the shared fate of another CG effect, the "morph," Rehak pays careful attention to "how special and visual effects age--following trajectories across and among texts, moving along chains of quotation and mimicry, existing not just synchronically but diachronically.
5) If, however, that has been due in part to the paucity of documentary details of racial acting in Elizabethan drama, a significant breakthrough for race studies as a whole in the period is afforded diachronically by the plausible albeit speculative data of Donald Foster's stylometric SHAXICON tests regarding specific roles Shakespeare may have played, specifically that he may have played Aaron in Titus Andronicus, as well as Morocco and Antonio in The Merchant of Venice and Brabantio in Othello.
It is thus postulated that, diachronically, Southern Ndebele and Zulu had the same form for the identificative copulative particle, namely ngi.
There is also the problem that, read diachronically, "of" is related to "off" (away) and thus indicates both possession and distance, as in "of God"24-is the sun (and all that it represents) possessed by or pushed off by God?
The Church at end of the Millennium, "but diachronically as well.
In most ordinary contexts, the word "harm" is understood in a historical sense, either diachronically or subjunctively: someone is harmed when she is rendered worse off than she was at some earlier time, or than she would have been had some earlier arrangements continued undisturbed.
Diachronically, all gay persons' lives are divided into two discrete periods: before and after the self-revelation of being gay and the resultant self-labeling.
The essay is full of mumbo-jumbo theoretical flourishes, none better, or worse, than this sentence of summation: "the interpenetrative and fecund coupling of text with the reality that it both synchronically denotes and diachronically connotes succeeds in simultaneously exploiting and subverting some basic semiotic assumptions of post-modernist theory by circumnavigating the fluid parameters of its consensually adduced perceptual paradigms.
This work explored representations of evidence diachronically.
As a matter of fact, diachronically, the converb <-ka> and the contracted form <ka-> of the action verb <kar-> 'do' are totally unrelated.
Armitage's method is to proceed both synchronically and diachronically, taking each of the Empire's defining characteristics and analysing it as it comes most powerfully into focus over the course of the two centuries under review (roughly 1550-1750).
In this process, memory functions synchronically and diachronically to recall the heterogeneous identity of Blacks in history, politics, and literature.