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 (dī-ăk′ə-nĭt, -nāt′)
1. The rank, office, or tenure of a deacon.
2. Deacons considered as a group.

[Late Latin diāconātus, from diāconus, deacon; see deacon.]


(daɪˈækənɪt; -ˌneɪt)
(Ecclesiastical Terms) the office, sacramental status, or period of office of a deacon
[C17: from Late Latin diāconātus; see deacon]


(daɪˈæk ə nɪt, -ˌneɪt)

1. the office, rank, or term of a deacon.
2. a body of deacons.
[1720–30; < Late Latin diāconātus.]


the rank or office of a deacon.
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The study is supported by the National Association of Diaconate Directors and DePaul University
WORCESTER - The Diocese of Worcester will not accept new candidates for its Diaconate program until it fully assesses the current and future needs for deacons in area parishes.
This welcome volume collects seven of Kasper's recent essays on the diaconate, priesthood, episcopal office, apostolic succession, canon law, the universal and local church, and the future of ecumenism.
He recommended encouraging the development of the diaconate as a distinct order that would attract both men and women, to get the church accustomed to the idea of ordained women.
This strong statement, however, made no mention of the diaconate, which has led to some feminist supporters of women priests viewing the diaconate as a steppingstone to the priesthood.
According to Maureen They of Fordham University in New York, the diaconate is becoming increasingly appealing to "older 'second-career' men," as younger men remain reluctant to take the vow of celibacy required by the priesthood.
Proceeds from the sale of the DVD will go to the Worcester Diaconate scholarship fund.
My husband and I completed the diaconate formation program in 2004.
She concludes by outlining questions that remain for the theology and pastoral viability of the Roman Catholic episcopacy, presbyterate, and diaconate.
I wrote a book called Holy Saturday: An Argument for the Restoration of the Female Diaconate (Crossroad) at the request of my old boss, Cardinal John O'Connor of New York.
Ordination of Women to the Diaconate in the Eastern Churches: Essays by Cipriano Vagaggini.