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1. diagonal; diagonally.
2. diagram.
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Dawlat Khan Zadran, the provincial police chief, said five rockets, two machine guns, 24 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 20 guns, 300 kilograms of a banned fertiliser and ammunitions had been surrendered to DIAG.
He said more than 5,000 weapons had been surrendered so far to DIAG in the Taliban's southern heartland.
The Afghan National Army (ANA) and police had also collected some illegal weapons but they were yet to be transferred to DIAG, he added.
A DIAG official said the ammunitions included artillery shells, tank shells, machineguns, kallashinkovs and mortar shells.
At a ceremony marking the transfer of DIAG control here on Wednesday, Interior Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar said the programme would continue under the Counter-Terrorism Department of the ministry.
He said the commanders decided to hand over their weapons to the DIAG after reconciliation.