diagonal matrix

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Noun1.diagonal matrix - a square matrix with all elements not on the main diagonal equal to zero
square matrix - a matrix with the same number of rows and columns
scalar matrix - a diagonal matrix in which all of the diagonal elements are equal
matrice diagonale
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For this purpose we use Jacobi iteration as smoother, but we introduce a diagonal matrix [OMEGA] to damp the relaxation in a pointwise manner.
one may traverse a deformation path in Honey([mu], v) and pull back the deformation as a series of rotations applied to the diagonal matrix N associated to [max.
Inspired by the NMF method, BDNMF also separated color information into different color channels, but it uses block diagonal matrix to simultaneously encode color information of different channels, hence preserving the integrally of color information.
where v--the diagonal matrix which is comprised of mass-normalized indices.
d] is an n x n diagonal matrix having the eigenvalues [[lambda].
Thus, the angular part of the kinetic energy of each electron takes the form found for the hydrogen atom and only diagonal matrix elements do not vanish.
where [mu] is a diagonal matrix with diagonal entries {[mu].
We can define the (N + n) x (N + n) diagonal matrix P whose diagonal entries are the values of the function p, i.
By virtue of the fact that slight variations in the elements of matrix S does not affect visual perception of the quality of the cover image, most existing SVD-based watermarking algorithms add the watermark information to the singular values of the diagonal matrix S in such a way to meet the imperceptibility and robustness requirements of effective digital image watermarking algorithms (Chang et al.
a (pxp) diagonal matrix with all diagonal elements equal to the Laplace operator s.