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1. A plan, sketch, drawing, or outline designed to demonstrate or explain how something works or to clarify the relationship between the parts of a whole.
2. Mathematics A graphic representation of an algebraic or geometric relationship.
3. A chart or graph.
tr.v. di·a·grammed, di·a·gram·ming, di·a·grams or di·a·gramed or di·a·gram·ing
To indicate or represent by or as if by a diagram.

[Latin diagramma, figure, from Greek, a figure worked out by lines, plan, from diagraphein, to mark out, delineate : dia-, dia- + graphein, to write; see gerbh- in Indo-European roots.]

di′a·gram′ma·ble adj.
di′a·gram·mat′ic (-grə-măt′ĭk), di′a·gram·mat′i·cal adj.
di′a·gram·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.diagrammatical - shown or represented by diagrams
delineate, delineated, represented - represented accurately or precisely
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Garrison's early article, "Austrian Macroeconomics: A Diagrammatical Exposition," published in New Directions in Austrian Economics, appeared in in 1978.
Gessling affirmed the candidates were selected based on their Grade Point Average and results of the qualifying tests, which included an English proficiency test in addition to critical reasoning assessment for verbal, numerical, and diagrammatical reasoning.
Diagrammatical description of the defect and the required prevention and remedy is available for the individual defects.
This involves quick sketches, diagrammatical planning, and a bit of organization.
They obtain explicit diagrammatical formulas for the decomposition of products of divided powers one-morphisms as direct sums of indecomposable one-morphisms, which are in a bijection with the Lusztig canonical basis elements.
The big "I", little "i" technique is a diagrammatical way of helping someone see how illogical it is to rate a human being globally.
Diagrammatical presentation as to how the global financial crisis impacted the Indian economy through the trade channel is presented below (Figure 8).