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 (dī′əl-ŭp′, dīl′-) or dial-in (-ĭn′)
Of or relating to a connection to the internet or other network that is obtained by dialing a telephone number: My dial-up connection was interrupted by call waiting.


1. (Computer Science) computing involving or used for remote access via a telephone line
2. (Telecommunications) computing involving or used for remote access via a telephone line


available or transmitted via telephone lines: Use your modem to get dial-up technical support for the software.


adj attr (Comput) → Wähl-; dial-up linkWählverbindung f; dial-up modem(Wähl)modem nt; dial-up networkingDFÜ-Netzwerk nt
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Videotron is also the Quebec leader in high-speed cable Internet access, with 473,000 subscribers to its cable modem and dial-up services.
Mart Center will now be able to use laptop computers and personal digital assistants to wirelessly connect to the Internet and corporate networks at speeds 50 to 100 times as fast as a dial-up connection.
Plano, Texas-based ESPRE Solutions is a public company (OTC Pink Sheets:EPRS) and groundbreaking media collaboration solutions provider that fulfills the promise of TV-quality streaming video over the Internet--even at dial-up speeds as low as 28Kbps.
eMax Alive's ISP service is priced to compete nationally with other popular dial-up ISPs that do not offer content filtering to ensure delivery of family safe content.
ROL(TM) (a registered trade mark of the Golden Telecom group) is a national ISP providing dial-up Internet access services in 50 cities in Russia and the CIS, as well as global roaming services in 150 countries of the world.
It does not even take a handshake - a real dial-up - for the signature-based IDS to respond.
com) is included, providing notebook computer users unlimited Internet access in hotels, airports, restaurants, bookstores and other locations via Wi-Fi(R), broadband cable or dial-up connection.
0 Security Edition is available now at no additional charge to members using the dial-up and AOL(R) for Broadband services at AOL(R) Keyword: Upgrade or by visiting www.
The AOL/NCSA Online Safety Study - conducted by technical experts in the homes of 329 typical dial-up and broadband computer users - found that most computer users think they are safe but lack basic protections against viruses, spyware, hackers, and other online threats.
An acoustical radio modem to facilitate dial-up access if necessary.