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(dī′əl-ŭp′, dīl′-) or dial-in (-ĭn′)
Of or relating to a connection to the internet or other network that is obtained by dialing a telephone number: My dial-up connection was interrupted by call waiting.


1. (Computer Science) computing involving or used for remote access via a telephone line
2. (Telecommunications) computing involving or used for remote access via a telephone line


available or transmitted via telephone lines: Use your modem to get dial-up technical support for the software.


adj attr (Comput) → Wähl-; dial-up linkWählverbindung f; dial-up modem(Wähl)modem nt; dial-up networkingDFÜ-Netzwerk nt
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Nearly 3 out of 4 farm Internet users still rely on maddeningly slow dial-up speeds that average around 20 Kbps, which is where the urban world was way back in 1995.
It offers DSL and two-way satellite, but it concentrates its efforts on dial-up access.
It opted to integrated the IP-based solution from TNS into its new till system, removing dial-up and ISDN line rental charges and reducing communication costs.
Internet connections via broadband have exceeded dial-up for the first time, according to new Government figures.
Simple improvements can go a long way, whether it's retiring an outdated phone system, switching from dial-up to a high-speed Internet connection, or adding a wireless component to your Web connection options.
WiFi allows users of laptop and hand-held computer devices to access the internet in public places at speeds much quicker than traditional dial-up connections and without any cable attachments or adaptors.
Their old dial-up system has now been replaced by a secure virtual private network supporting a whole array of diagnostic equipment, such as an electronic stethoscope, X-rays, ultrasound and CAT scans, as well as offering sharper imaging and voice, delivered in real time.
In a networked environment, it is easy enough to access the console port using a dial-up connection, but then cost and complexity enter the equation, since each device would require the installation of a modem and phone line.
Wired Environments announced today that the firm now offers the nation's most affordable, convenient and reliable dial-up access-a cost-effective alternative to "always-on" Internet service.
Pragmatism dictates that bandwidth-intensive applications (such as downloading, faxing, scanning, or sophisticated multimedia applications) are beyond the reach of dial-up users, regardless of whether they use a first-generation VPN or other dial-up means.
The reason for the slow dial-up, despite excess bandwidth, is because 56k modems are maxed out on speed and phone lines are busy from too many users.
Like ISDN service, it's always on--so there's no dial-up wait.