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1. One who specializes in the study of dialects.
2. One who practices or is skilled in dialectic.


(ˌdaɪ ə lɛkˈtɪʃ ən)

1. a person skilled in dialectic.
2. a specialist in dialects; dialectologist.
[1685–95; < French]
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Noun1.dialectician - a logician skilled in dialectic
logician, logistician - a person skilled at symbolic logic


nDialektiker(in) m(f)
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It may be observed that these sophisms all occur in his cross-examination of Meletus, who is easily foiled and mastered in the hands of the great dialectician.
my friend, you are not only a herculean topographer, you are, still further, a dialectician of the first water.
This fixed idea of the rhapsodist was delivered with animated enthusiasm, in a manner entirely declamatory, for he had plainly no skill as a dialectician.
And do you also agree, I said, in describing the dialectician as one who attains a conception of the essence of each thing?
But when a man begins to get older, he will no longer be guilty of such insanity; he will imitate the dialectician who is seeking for truth, and not the eristic, who is contradicting for the sake of amusement; and the greater moderation of his character will increase instead of diminishing the honour of the pursuit.
John Lawlor, one of Lewis's first students at Magdalen College during the 1930s, also honors Lewis as the supreme dialectician in C.
Castillo, chief coroner and dialectician at a Santiago hospital, proclaims early in the film, a point made literal in Mortem"s first image, a pulverizing long take from the undercarriage of an army tank as it grinds its way down a debris-strewn avenue.
In Republic VII, Plato describes the fate of the young dialectician who is not "orderly and steady by nature" (539d) when he deconstructs the unexamined moral dogmata of his community:
A sampling of topics includes Wilde's short fiction, Oscar Wilde: the critic as dialectician, Wilde's presence on the Internet, and Wilde as a Victorian.
24) Plato's dialectician, by contrast, breaks down a complex unity into smaller ones employing schemes of classification into genera and species.
In the first, he regretted Bastiat's opposition to socialism: "Bastiat shines as a dialectician, and his reasonings on free trade are as strictly scientific as those of any one; but his posthumous work (Harmonies Economiques) is written with a parti pris of explaining away all the evils which are the stronghold of Socialists, against whom the book is directed" (CW, 17:1665).
In Benjamin's later work, photography will counter the silent catastrophe of meaning with a new beholder--the materialist dialectician.