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See pink1.

[New Latin Dianthus, genus name, probably alteration (influenced by di-) of Greek diosanthos, carnation : Dios, genitive of Zeus, Zeus; see dyeu- in Indo-European roots + anthos, flower.]


n, pl -thuses
(Plants) any Eurasian caryophyllaceous plant of the widely cultivated genus Dianthus, such as the carnation, pink, and sweet william
[C19: New Latin, from Greek di-1 + anthos flower]


(daɪˈæn θəs)

n., pl. -thus•es.
any plant belonging to the genus Dianthus, of the pink family, as the carnation or sweet william.
[< New Latin (Linnaeus) < Greek Di(ós) of Zeus (genitive of Zeús) + ánthos flower]
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Noun1.dianthus - carnations and pinksDianthus - carnations and pinks      
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
carnation family, Caryophyllaceae, family Caryophyllaceae, pink family - large family of herbs or subshrubs (usually with stems swollen at the nodes)
garden pink, pink - any of various flowers of plants of the genus Dianthus cultivated for their fragrant flowers


n pl <dianthuses> (Bot) → Nelke f
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Even within the limits of the same genus, for instance in Dianthus, these two opposite cases occur.
In the same family there may be a genus, as Dianthus, in which very many species can most readily be crossed; and another genus, as Silene, in which the most persevering efforts have failed to produce between extremely close species a single hybrid.
Tenders are invited for providing and display of antirrhinum hybrid cineraria, dianthus and salvia red hybrid dwarf variety flowering plant in connection with Enhancement of green coverage area attached to hon ble m.
The image (published below) was shared by obstetrician Lin Tzu-hung, who works at the Dianthus MFM Clinic in Taipei, after the mother gave her permission for the image to be made public.
ONE classic English "pink" is the Victorian cottage garden beauty called Dianthus Mrs Sinkins.
Our fantastic winter hardy plant, also known as Dianthus barbatus 'Mixed', has a compact habit of only 20-25cm, making it the perfect addition to the border, rockery or patio.
Take cuttings of rock plants such as aubrieta, alyssum, phlox, thyme and dianthus.
Are you tempted by our sweet-smelling, vibrant fragrant Dianthus Mixed?
Try anemones, delphiniums, dianthus and dahlias, too.
Dave Morley, by email CAROL Carnations and dianthus (pinks) thrive in such situations.