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 (dī′ə-pā′zən, -sən)
1. A full, rich outpouring of harmonious sound.
2. The entire range of an instrument or voice.
3. Either of the two principal stops on a pipe organ that form the tonal basis for the entire scale of the instrument.
4. The interval and the consonance of an octave.
5. A standard indication of pitch.
6. A tuning fork.

[Middle English diapasoun, from Latin diapāsōn, the whole octave, from Greek dia pāsōn (khordōn), through all (the notes) : dia, through; see dia- + pāsōn, feminine genitive pl. of pās, every; see pant- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˌdaɪəˈpeɪzən; -ˈpeɪsən)
1. (Instruments) either of two stops (open and stopped diapason) usually found throughout the compass of a pipe organ that give it its characteristic tone colour
2. (Instruments) the compass of an instrument or voice
3. (Music, other) (chiefly in French usage)
a. a standard pitch used for tuning, esp the now largely obsolete one of A above middle C = 435 hertz, known as diapason normal (French(djapazɔ̃ nɔrmal)
b. a tuning fork or pitch pipe
4. (Music, other) (in classical Greece) an octave
[C14: from Latin: the whole octave, from Greek: () dia pasōn (khordōn sumphōnia) (concord) through all (the notes), from dia through + pas all]
diaˈpasonal, diapasonic adj


(ˌdaɪ əˈpeɪ zən, -sən)

1. a full, rich outpouring of melodious sound.
2. the compass of a voice or instrument.
3. a fixed standard of pitch.
4. a principal stop of a pipe organ extending through the range of the instrument.
[1350–1400; Middle English diapasoun < Latin diapāsōn the whole octave < Greek dià pāsôn (chordôn) through all (the notes), short for hē dià pāsôn chordôn symphōnía the concord through all the notes of the scale]
di`a•pa′son•al, adj.
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Noun1.diapason - either of the two main stops on a pipe organ
organ stop - a graduated set of organ pipes of like tone quality


[ˌdaɪəˈpeɪzən] Ndiapasón m


n (also Mus) → Diapason m or nt; open diapasonPrinzipal nt; stopped diapasongedacktes Prinzipal
References in classic literature ?
His murmurs were in the diapason of ordinary roaring.
de Mazarin jumped by a note and a half to reply above the diapason of his usual voice.
Initiated in low and subdued tones, the sound soon rose in volume to the open diapason of barbaric blood lust.
I then gave Lys a piece of dried meat, and sitting inside the entrance, we dined as must have some of our ancient forbears at the dawning of the age of man, while far below the open diapason of the savage night rose weird and horrifying to our ears.
Above the nocturnal diapason of the teeming jungle sounded a dismal flapping of wings and over head, through the thick night, a shadowy form passed across the diffused light of the flaring camp-fire.
Violinist Yuri Kalnits was described by reviewers as "an interpreter of the highest order" and was awarded the prestigious Diapason d'Or award for his recording of Weinberg's Violin Sonatas; cellist Julia Morneweg is the recipient of an EMI Music Foundation Award and made her London concerto debut in 2006 in Elgar's Concerto at St John's Smith Square; and pianist Jose Menor made his international debut at age 15, performing at Carnegie Hall as the First Prize winner of the World Piano Competition, and has gained an international reputation with numerous important engagements ever since.
She has worked together with conductors such as Antonio Papano, Kent Nagano and Leopold Hager, and has won the prestigious Diapason d'Or prize in France as well as the first prize at Placido Domingo's Operalia Paris.
Ila , en outre, a fait part de la determination du Royaume a hisser la cooperation entre les deux pays au niveau d'un partenariat strategique multidimensionnel au sein de l'espace maghrebin, arabe et africain, tout en diversifiant les domaines de cooperation economique, a travers l'augmentation des echanges commerciaux bilateraux et la creation de partenariats strategiques entre les hommes d'affaires des deux pays pour que les relations economiques soient au diapason des relations politiques strategiques.
Le responsable saoudien a souligne, a cette occasion, la necessite pour les agences de presse arabes d'etre au diapason du developpement que ne cessent de connaitre les technologies de l'information et de la communication tout en demeurant attachees a leur professionnalisme, ainsi qu'a la credibilite et l'objectivite des informations qu'elles diffusent.
We bought gold for two reasons - because we were worried about the inflationary impact of policy and because we thought the financial system was going to fall apart," Sean Corrigan, chief investment strategist at Diapason Commodities Management, said.
Il a qualifie de "bonnes" les discussions menees la veille, au diapason -une fois n'est pas coutume- avec le representant iranien aupres de l'AIEA, Ali Asghar Soltanieh.
j/j hastain & t thilleman, Approximating Diapason (SPUTTEN DuYVIL, 2012)