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also dy·ar·chy (dī′är′kē)
n. pl. di·ar·chies also dy·ar·chies
Government by two joint rulers.


(ˈdaɪɑːkɪ) or


n, pl -chies
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) government by two states, individuals, etc
diˈarchic, diˈarchical, diˈarchal, dyˈarchic, dyˈarchical, dyˈarchal adj


or dy•ar•chy

(ˈdaɪ ɑr ki)

n., pl. -chies.
a government in which power is vested in two rulers or authorities.

diarchy, dyarchy

a government controlled by two rulers; biarchy. — diarch, dyarch, n.
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Noun1.diarchy - a form of government having two joint rulers
form of government, political system - the members of a social organization who are in power
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Iranian gains have pushed the Saudi-Emirati Gulf Arab diarchy and its allies into an unprecedentedly violent response The UAE has intervened militarily as far away as Libya.
The minister said they proposed a compromise that entailed directorates under the ministry but to avoid a diarchy, the minister must head the CTO board which should also include hoteliers.
Qalb-i-Abid and Massarat Abid, Punjab Politics Diarchy to Partition (Lahore: Research Society of Pakistan, 2012), 280.
During the period of diarchy (1985-1999), the 8th Amendment gave the President power to dissolve the National Assembly and thus dismiss the federal government.
In their diarchy, Em will do the negotiating while Olivia does a lot of killing.
Which only goes to show how easy it is to underrate Andrew Roberts, authorized apple polisher to the Blair-Bush diarchy, who devoted an entire chapter of his 1994 philippic Eminent Churchillians to dismissing Bryant with nagging abuse.
First of all, Portugal's semi-presidential regime has its own idiosyncrasies as well; adopted in 1976, two years after the Carnation Revolution on April 25th 1974, Portuguese semi-presidentialism has evolved over the last decades, "from a competitive diarchy into a hierarchical diarchy in which the prime minister has played a more important role than the president" (14).
The unsettled disputes in Libya's new government have created a diarchy, in which powers are shared by the elected parliament and Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani on one side, and by the pro-Islamic General National Congress and its self-proclaimed Prime Minister Omar al-Hasi on another.
The last 65 years have been a period of splintering, marked by a four-way contest for control among Turkey; Iran and its affiliates; the Sunni combine; and the Israeli-American diarchy and its affiliates.
A defocused approach where the lead player in the diarchy -- UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi -- dictated terms viz policy making, saw the government go deeper and deeper into its erstwhile socialist moorings.
Thus, parallels with pagan Greco-Roman cults, the complex diarchy and tetrarchy of the hierarchical Roman Empire, and the birthing of the two later three powers of the Christian God.
In fact, a kind of diarchy in these ministries has been in place for long causing severe damage to their proper functioning.