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n. pl. di·ar·thro·ses (-sēz)
Any of several types of bone articulation permitting free motion in a joint, as that of the shoulder or hip.

[Greek diarthrōsis, from diarthroun, to articulate : dia-, between; see dia- + arthroun, to fasten by a joint (from arthron, joint; see ar- in Indo-European roots).]

di′ar·thro′di·al (-dē-əl) adj.
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The DRUJ is a diarthrodial articulation between the ulnar head and the sigmoid notch of the distal radius.
This is understandable, for in the erect position the diarthrodial joints are locked.
In 2012 Zimmer introduced Chondrofix Osteochondral Allograft for the repair of osteochondral lesions in diarthrodial joints in a single-stage procedure," said Clark.