diathermy machine

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Noun1.diathermy machine - a medical instrument for local heating of bodily tissues for medical purposes
medical instrument - instrument used in the practice of medicine
microwave diathermy machine - diathermy machine that uses microwave radiation as the source of heat
shortwave diathermy machine - a diathermy machine that uses short wave radiation as the source of heat
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Tenders are invited for Tender For Supply And Installation Of Diathermy Machine, ECG And Multipara Monitor To PHC UGPHC NON Taluk Hospitals.
A simple diathermy machine and the facilities for instrument sterilisation such as an ultrasonic cleaner and a small autoclave can be accommodated.
Mr Philip said through Rotary, the priority will be to refurbish the labour and maternity wards and the operating theatre, with improvements to the infrastructure and supply of all theatre equipment, including tables, lights, diathermy machine, anaesthetic equipment and other items.
Ask you doctor about deep heat treatments using a diathermy machine or ultrasound.