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Made up of two atoms.


(Chemistry) (of a compound or molecule)
a. containing two atoms
b. containing two characteristic groups or atoms: ethylene glycol is a diatomic alcohol.
diatomicity n


(ˌdaɪ əˈtɒm ɪk)

1. having two atoms in the molecule.
2. containing two replaceable atoms or groups; binary.
di`at•o•mic′i•ty (-æt əˈmɪs ɪ ti) n.
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Adj.1.diatomic - of or relating to a molecule made up of two atoms; "a diatomic molecule"
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Nitrogen is a diatomic molecule and the equivalence ratio of the mixture can be controlled without changing of the polytropic index.
Interestingly, the theoretical expected heat capacity for N diatomic molecules is INkT/2.
Its involvement in so many biological processes, its simple diatomic structure and highly reactive nature enables it to form various complexes with other cellular components (Bogdan, 2001).
Domoic acid (DA) is primarily produced by marine diatomic algae of the genus Pseudo-nitzschia (Perl et al.
For thirty years Mayer has been investigating the quantum mechanical meaning of the bond order, the actual valence of an atom in a molecule, and the different atomic and diatomic energy components reflecting the energetics of molecule formation.
The many resonance states make such systems hard to treat theoretically but offer the best prospects for novel physics: resonances are being widely used to control diatomic systems and should provide the route to steering ultracold reactions.
In the microcomponent study of organic compounds, the chemical structure and variation characteristics of the corresponding macromolecules (except for paramagnetic diatomic molecules) may be determined according to the distribution of the characteristic spectrum and fingerprint region absorption peak in the spectrum.
We take an atomic nucleus of electric charge +Z > 0 as being located at a centre of coordinates with [xi] = 1 and [eta] = -1; the other focus at distance d has coordinates [xi] = 1 and [eta] = 1 and is a dummy centre with Z = 0, which might, however, become the location of another atomic nucleus in the case of a diatomic molecule, such as [H2.
Dissociation of N 2 on chromium alloys: A general mechanism for dissociation of diatomic molecules.
NO is a kind of free radical diatomic gas and gaseous signaling molecule.
This approach converts nitrogen oxides into diatomic nitrogen and water without compromising the engine's performance.