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A volcanic pipe that is filled with breccia, formed by a subterranean gaseous explosion.

[Greek diatrēma, foramen (of a nerve), dugout canoe : dia-, dia- + trēma, perforation; see terə in Indo-European roots.]
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Diatremes are explosive type features related to later stages of intrusions and are commonly mineralised or related to mineralisation.
The core samples provide valuable data for evaluating our methods to distinguish diatremes from pyroclastic deposits and complex structures which contain both.
1999, 2000), including the Kuuvvaluk ultramafic lamprophyre diatremes (Madore et al.
Samples from several of the outcropping bodies, which form a cluster of dykes and small diatremes in the central part of the property, returned only a few microdiamonds, and are not now part of the focus for PXC.
A number of diatremes have been found on these properties and exploration is planned during 2004.
Both are qualified persons by NI43-101 definition, and are familiar with exploration for and experienced in discovery of diamond bearing kimberlite diatremes in the Northwest Territories.
A number of diatremes have been found on these properties that will be explored in greater detail during 2004.
Anglo Swiss President, Len Danard stated, "We believe we have located a second diatreme approximately 4 kilometres from the McAllister Diatreme, which suggests that a cluster of diatremes may be present in the area.
Oakmont's properties at Leucite Hills, included several exposures of Unique Lamproite Diatremes and flows that are very similar in chemistry and physical characteristics to the seven known Diamondiferous Lamproite occurrences found on five different continents.
6 million exploration program to evaluate widespread kimberlite diatremes, with microdiamonds previously reported.
The joint venture partners have identified over 60 targets, including three separate clusters of potential kimberlite diatremes deemed analogous to those identified by Uranerz, Cameco and Monopros in the Fort a la Corne area of south central Saskatchewan where a 180-ton bulk sample produced 160 predominantly gem-quality macrodiamonds in their 1991 exploration program.
Four parallel and related structures, which are interpreted as diatremes from a high sulfidation gold system, have been mapped on the concessions.