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A volcanic pipe that is filled with breccia, formed by a subterranean gaseous explosion.

[Greek diatrēma, foramen (of a nerve), dugout canoe : dia-, dia- + trēma, perforation; see terə in Indo-European roots.]
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Diatremes are explosive type features related to later stages of intrusions and are commonly mineralised or related to mineralisation.
Several volcanic dykes and diatremes occur in the Sydney region: e.
Kimberlite diatremes were emplaced at relatively low, non-magmatic temperatures and are thought to have churned and mixed violently.
This forward modeling eliminates the possibility of the presence of other geological causative bodies such as igneous intrusions, Maars, Diatremes or sedimentary structures, leaving the model of an impact crater as the most probable phenomenon that could generate the circular structure.
1999, 2000), including the Kuuvvaluk ultramafic lamprophyre diatremes (Madore et al.
Intrusive rocks consist of granodiorite, quartz porphyry, granite porphyry and related dike complexes, as well as dikes and diatremes of basaltic composition which are spatially connected with the main mineralised structures of the Kontchotch ore field.
Samples from several of the outcropping bodies, which form a cluster of dykes and small diatremes in the central part of the property, returned only a few microdiamonds, and are not now part of the focus for PXC.
In the Sydney region, igneous materials are also present in volcanic intrusions such as Jurassic dykes and diatremes (Herbert 1983).
In the early 1960's some kimberlite diatremes in Laramie County, Colorado and adjacent parts of Wyoming were found to be diamondiferous (Collins, 1982), and 327 carats' worth of small octahedral crystals were recovered in the early 1990's (Moore, 1997).
Both are qualified persons by NI43-101 definition, and are familiar with exploration for and experienced in discovery of diamond bearing kimberlite diatremes in the Northwest Territories.