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A device used for dicing food.
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Noun1.dicer - a mechanical device used for dicing food
mechanical device - mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
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And for processors looking at a dedicated line, the automation, high performance and product uniformity of a Holac Dicer gives it a clear edge.
The aim of the present study was to investigate altered levels of Dicer miRNA in patients with ALL and CLL.
A phylogenetic tree based on amino acid sequences of Dicer genes was constructed using neighbor-joining method with 1,000 replications (Supplementary file 2C), which showed two groups reflecting the functional divergence of Dicer-1 for producing MicroRNA and Dicer-2 for producing siRNA as in D.
The TU students purchased a Ninja sheer and dicer and then built stands for it, so it can be operated by remote control.
Although Dicer enzyme have been well characterized in human and plants but reports on bovine Dicer1 sequence and expression as well as its evolutionary studies are in vogue.
The Diversacut 2110A Dicer offers ultimate precision thanks to adjustable collars on both cutting spindles, as well as slice adjustment and lockdown features.
dakikada bazaline donducu, korneada dusuk duzeyde (0,5 D) astigmatizmayi indukledici ve topografideki dicer parametrelerin de 5.
Dicer is a protein that converts inactive hairpin-structured microRNA precursors into their active single stranded form.
Once the Dicer complex is cut off to release the mature miRNA, one strand of the double-stranded molecule, termed the guide strand miRNA, preferentially attaches to another protein complex called RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC).
Como los siRNAs, los miRNAs son ARNs pequenos de 21 a 24 nucleotidos producidos por el corte por Dicer de un precursor.
After the spheres enter a cell, the Dicer enzyme chops the RNA at specific locations, releasing the 21-nucleotide siRNA sequences.
Maturation of miRNAs requires coordinated processing mechanisms by Drosha and Dicer that post-transcriptionally generate mature miRNAs from pri-miRNA transcripts.