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v. di·chot·o·mized, di·chot·o·miz·ing, di·chot·o·miz·es
To separate into two parts or classifications.
To be or become divided into parts or branches; fork.

di·chot′o·mist (-mĭst) n.
di·chot′o·mi·za′tion (-mĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.dichotomization - the act of dividing into two sharply different categories
division - the act or process of dividing


, dichotomization
n. dicotomía, dicotomización, división en dos partes; bifurcación.
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The study indicated that an official policy change has been observed in terms of interference, dichotomization, and accusations for alleged radicalizing activities of Ethiopian Muslims.
According to the method used in a previous study (Jiang, Gao, Chen, & Roco, 2015), we determined the threshold values for dichotomization as mean tie intensities plus one standard deviation.
A weakness of this latter approach is that acculturation-gap groups are typically created by dichotomizing continuous measures of acculturation level, which is problematic because cut-points are arbitrary (in the sense that they are based on the given distribution of scores) and dichotomization of continuous data typically results in loss of statistical power (Cohen, 1983).
In relation to the health conditions, the occurrence or absence of injury was considered (yes/no), but concerning the lifestyle, the dichotomization was based on the following criteria: (0)=more than four negative habits; (1) = less than four negative habits.
Interestingly, because deviance type was a binary variable, the relationship was point biserial, which commonly produces attenuated correlation coefficients, given dichotomization in one of the pairings.
This controversy over free will continued until it reached defining, dichotomization into "Al-Jabri ya" or Determinism which connected the future with God's will, and viewed the human being as a powerless being whose action is predetermined by God; and "Al-Qadariyya" or Anti Determinism which allows the human being a certain degree of freedom which viewed from theological perspective turns to be another form of determinism.
However, the simple dichotomization in developed and emerging markets--which the authors sometimes equate with rich and poor countries--might also be harmful for grasping the differences of local conditions in emerging markets as the readers might conclude: I saw China, so I know India as well (both countries are considered as emerging markets by the authors).
The variable "severity of the occlusal pathologies" was evaluated based on the dichotomization of DAI scores in: normal occlusion/mild occlusal pathologies (DAI [?
Apart from the problematic dichotomization of old and new media and the tendency to frame digitality as de facto cosmopolitanizing machinery, Internet studies during that period was marked by an equally problematic juxtaposition of "the real" and "the mediated," or the "online" and the "offline" (see van Zoonen, 2011 for further discussion), as well as a clearly discernible cultural centrism.
Spain) revisits this model in light of contemporary realities, such as the rise of new media, the spread of neoliberal globalization, and the decline of communism (replacing the anti-communist filter in the model with a dichotomization filter).