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1. Divided or dividing into two parts or classifications.
2. Characterized by dichotomy.

di·chot′o·mous·ly adv.
di·chot′o·mous·ness n.
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Adv.1.dichotomously - in a dichotomous manner
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8] In the design of the study, we planned to analyse these results categorically but also dichotomously, with those in the 'no dyspepsia' and 'very mild dyspepsia' groups defined as non-dyspeptic (i.
Embryo quality was defined dichotomously as high-quality embryos versus lower quality embryos; high-quality embryos were those with four cells on culture day 2, eight cells on culture day 3, and high quality scores (taking into account symmetry and appearance of blastomeres and absence of fragmentation) on both culture days 2 and 3.
An alternative way of engaging students is to present dichotomously opposed economic concepts and have the students analyze them from a free-market entrepreneurship economy (capitalism) perspective versus a command-and-control economy (socialism) perspective.
The presence or absence of these themes in the narratives were then converted to dichotomously coded variables and employed in a cluster analysis in order to statistically organize and model different subgroups among consumers of TA.
2]max as predictors of HRmax (assessed dichotomously and continuously) and maximal physiological strain index were much greater than sex (maximum HR: V[O.
This item was scored dichotomously (yes or no, followed by two probes: why or why not).
However, rather than dichotomously defining the narrative "Big Two-Hearted River" as a story about shell shock and recovery that insists upon the landscape as a metaphor and anthropocentric mirror, I would like to suggest a different reading of nature in the text.
That is why we measure national sporting success at the individual level dichotomously (medal/no medal).
These authors defined them as simple helical thickenings that branch dichotomously, sometimes forming a net-like pattern.
The mRS includes six categories of disability that we dichotomously defined as functional independence if the score was [less than or equal to]2 and moderate to severe disability if the score was Greater than 2 [15].
Treatment completion served as the dependent variable and was dichotomously defined using nine different discharge codes contained in client records.