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1. Music
a. An organ voluntary played at the end of a church service.
b. A concluding piece.
2. A final chapter or phase.


1. (Music, other) music a final or concluding piece or movement
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a voluntary played at the end of a Church service
[C19: from post- + -lude, from Latin lūdus game; compare prelude]


(ˈpoʊst lud)

a concluding piece of music, esp. an organ voluntary at the end of a church service.
[1850–55; post- + -lude < Latin lūdus game, on the model of prelude]
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Noun1.postlude - a voluntary played at the end of a religious service
voluntary - composition (often improvised) for a solo instrument (especially solo organ) and not a regular part of a religious service or musical performance


nNachspiel nt
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Also, as Nicole Grimes suggests in her article, Hanslick saw the serene instrumental postlude that takes place after the abject conclusion of Holderlin's poem in Johannes Brahms's Schicksalslied as exemplifying the transfiguring power of instrumental music.
So when we play Ottoman muwashaht, you're supposed to start with the prelude and go the end with the postlude.
In the song's postlude, brief yet pungent, the oboe line even "counts" the grains of sand in broken quintuplets separated by rests: here two, there three, and finally, of course, just one, on which the song ends--though the tone painting does not.
The music included songs of the Christmas season, such as "0 Holy Night" for the seating of the mothers, "Canon in D" overlaid with "The First Noel" for the processional, and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" for the postlude.
The full programme which is designed to use every one of the Father Willis organ's 65 stops includes: Hollins' ' Concert Overture in C, Felton''s A little Trio, Stanford''s Postlude in D minor, Thalben-Ball''s Elegy, Jackson''s Diversion, Cockroft''s Lullaby and Healey-Willan''s Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue Tickets from Kirklees Box Office on 01484 223200, on the door on the day of the concert or online from www.
On the one hand, Bloom re-addresses Shakespeare's most enigmatic and memorable character by qualifying in the preface that the present volume is a postlude to his earlier work Shakespeare: Invention of the Human.
The interlude between strophes 2 and 3 and the postlude are complete restatements of the entire melody of the song.
A postlude argues for the continuing relevance of Daoist anarchism.
Anything but a bowdlerizing intervention, it is fair to propose that the tale does not require a postlude, run-on resultative ghost chapter.
Comme un postlude, Laurence Languin et Alfred Caron proposent respectivement un "Panorama des ressources documentaires en ligne", et "La recherche discographique en ligne".
This passage closely resembles Morris' postlude to his narrative, in which historical nescience is likewise, but more generally, expressed:
Haneke perhaps baits his critics by inserting so many auteurist markers into a film that all but announces itself as a departure--from the water-flooded floor (recalling The Seventh Continent [19891) to the names taken from the director's long-established template (including that of the couple's daughter, Eva, played by Isabelle Huppert) to the final Hanekean puzzle of the couple's postlude departure.