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or Bil·dungs·ro·man  (bĭl′do͝ongz-rō-män′, -do͝ongks-)
A novel whose principal subject is the moral, psychological, and intellectual development of a usually youthful main character.

[German : Bildung, formation (from Middle High German bildunge, from Old High German bildunga, from bilidōn, to shape, from bilōdi, form, shape) + Roman, novel (from French, a story in the vernacular, novel; see roman).]


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a novel concerned with a person's formative years and development
[literally: education novel]


(ˈbɪl dʊŋz roʊˌmɑn, -dʊŋks-)

a novel dealing with the maturation of its protagonist.
[1905–10; < German]


A German word meaning education novel, used to mean a novel about a person’s formative experiences.
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As this autobiographical bildungsroman, winner of the Swiss and German Book Awards in 2010, traces the journey of its protagonist, Ildiko (Ildi) Kocsis, from Vojvodina to Belgrade to Switzerland, it represents both the diaspora experience and the intertwined, multigenerational histories of Ildi's family and their "homeland," a multiethnic region that in the twentieth century passed from the Hapsburg Empire to the Kingdom of Croats, Serbs, and Slovenes, Tito's Yugoslavia, and, finally, Serbia.
Some of these new African narratives--especially the debut novels--often exhibit traits associated with the Bildungsroman, a form which evolved from Germany and became popular in most Western countries in the nineteenth century.
1) Significantly, Kushigian notes that testimonial narratives should be read as a Bildungsroman (146).
If we follow Mikhail Bakhtin, in his account of the evolution of the Bildungsroman from its ancient origins to the nineteenth-century, we are taken to a point where the distinction between the Bildungsroman and the historical novel blurs, even to a point where the two might be said to converge.
The novel feels like it teeters between a bildungsroman and a travel story, never quite satisfying either urge.
That Mitra and Bhattacharya's primary interest is affective could also be gleaned from the other work in "Palimpsest," Bildungsroman.
Under the Wide and Starry Sky is at once a classic artistic bildungsroman and a retort to the genre, a novel that shows how love and marriage can simultaneously offer inspiration and encumbrance, especially when the more successful partner believes that, as far as artists go, 'a family could tolerate only one.
Great Expectations" is a classic bildungsroman, which traces the story of an orphan boy and his journey from rags to riches and to his eventual self realisation.
Jackie French has successfully combined a saga of survival with a centuries old coming of age bildungsroman.
Formative fictions; nationalism, cosmopolitanism, and the Bildungsroman.
It is this notion of growth as a movement out of and beyond the private space of childhood that the Bildungsroman indexes.
For Humanity's Sake: The Bildungsroman in Russian Culture.