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I've been using everything from canvases to perspex sheets and stainless steel, as well as creating painted glass and ceramic objets d'art.
Au terme de sa visite, Mme Tran Thanh Kiem a visite le pavillon des arts islamiques qui comprend plusieurs objets d'art, dont des ustensiles, des tapis et des armes.
beaucoup plus grand que], regrette Hicham Daoudi, fondateur de la Compagnie marocaine des oeuvres et objets d'art (CMOOA).
More than 600 international exhibitors from 30 nations will showcase the widest range of jewellery, luxury timepieces, precious stones, antiques, objets d'art and jewellery technology.
The State Department has found the perfect objets d'art to decorate the grass-patch in front of our embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Summary: Guns, cigars and the spoils of hunting -- the latest exhibit at Espaces Ephemere gallery displays objets d'art with men in mind.
The Kingdom Suites interiors open out into a luxurious scheme of platinum crystals and gold and features soft silver and gold tones, elegant furnishings, and contemporary objets d'art.
There's silver jewellery, handmade glass and objets d'art together with greetings cards.
The book makes connections between the relationships, functions, and beauty of luxury goods and objets d'art used by the elite of the period in everyday activities such as the morning toilette.
Jenny Vaughan and Simon Young were awarded the prize for their quirky RE store in Corbridge, which has built up a loyal customer base for its eclectic range of new and vintage homeware and objets d'art.
It is a new destination for finding unusual, artistic, unique gifts, from greeting cards and wrapping paper to jewelry, accessories, household items and objets d'art.
Or The Lapland Lodge, Blaenafon: "A haven of tranquility, this shed boasts leather upholstery, premium Bose sound system, cracking views, gas heating, objets d'art from globetrotting exploits (travel tat) and faux-leaded windows.