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Miss Twinkleton then proceeded to remark that Rumour, Ladies, had been represented by the bard of Avon--needless were it to mention the immortal SHAKESPEARE, also called the Swan of his native river, not improbably with some reference to the ancient superstition that that bird of graceful plumage (Miss Jennings will please stand upright) sang sweetly on the approach of death, for which we have no ornithological authority,--Rumour, Ladies, had been represented by that bard--hem
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Native Californian Pae White's exhibition "Periwinkles" opened in the fall, and it was tempting to imagine the seasonal gust of a Santa Ana bringing her work to life, a warm wind animating her delicate ornithological models and setting her translucent mobiles chiming.
is very highly recommended, especially for family birding outings and ornithological adventures.
Apart from the two mentioned, other groups opposing the scheme are Gwent Ornithological Society, Gwent Wildlife Trust and RSPB Cymru.
A study into the future of the Asian birds, published in Nature by the US-based Peregrine Fund and the Ornithological Society of Pakistan (BirdLife in Pakistan), shows that diclofenac, a drug used in the treatment of livestock, is a major cause of the vulture decline in Asia.
The study was carried out by the Danish Ornithological Association, who nicknamed one of the birds they studied Nokia.
The information they gather will add to the longest-running ornithological database in the nation.
A active supporter of the Texas Academy of Science, he also served the Texas Ornithological Society and the North Texas Biological Society.
It turns out the hotel's maid is a fellow enthusiast of tweetie-birds and together the two ladies share reams of ornithological advice.
Nevertheless, the statement that although it is "set in historical times and while well-known historical and ornithological figures appear, all events, dialogue and situations are entirely fictional" is false.
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