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 (vī′tə, vē′-)
n. pl. vi·tae (vī′tē, vē′tī)
1. A curriculum vitae.
2. A short account of a person's life.

[Latin vīta, life; see vital.]


(ˈviːtə; ˈvaɪ-)
n, pl vitae (ˈviːtaɪ; ˈvaɪtiː)
(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) US and Canadian a less common term for curriculum vitae
[from Latin: life]

curric′ulum vi′tae

(ˈvaɪ ti, ˈvi taɪ, ˈwi taɪ)

n., pl. curricula vitae.
a brief biographical résumé of one's career and training, as prepared by a person applying for a job.
[1900–05; < Latin: course of a life]
References in classic literature ?
Sospite nunc patria, fracto nunc funeris antro, Mors ubi dira fuit vita salusque patent.
Apologia pro Vita Sua' (Apology for My Life), one of the secondary literary masterpieces of the century.
But it was "una quistione di vita," and "vostro amico" must and could only be my miserable Raffles.
The present executive director, Ray Alderman would continue to be as the chair of the VITA board of directors.
Announced in Japan, but with no plans for a European release disclosed, the updated Vita is 20% thinner than the existing model (now down to 15mm) and 15% lighter at 219g.
The VITA program is a national program that provides free return preparation assistance to individuals with low-to-moderate income (under $36,000), and those who are elderly and/or disabled or have limited English proficiency.
Vita originally specialized in producing commodity fillings for the furniture and bedding industries but eventually expanded far beyond these markets.
Orlando is forever Virginia's romance, her Vita, her frozen wild red rose, forever ever after, the last kiss still the first.
Vita says the abnormal test response may represent the glimmerings of atherosclerosis that go undetected in routine tests such as angiography.
NEW YORK -- Vita Coco, the country's best-selling fresh coconut water brand, today announced a new partnership with Texas Rangers' Josh Hamilton.
Inspired by Vita Coco's Brazilian heritage, L*SPACE Swim designer Monica Wise created a fun, reversible suit depicting Vita Coco's home -- a palm tree, of course.
The new PS Vita will be backwards compatible with all existing games, (http://pixelenemy.