dictate to

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1. To set forth expressly and authoritatively:
2. To command or issue commands in an arrogant manner:
1. An authoritative indication to be obeyed:
2. A code or set of codes governing action or procedure, for example:

w>dictate to

vi +prep obj persondiktieren (+dat), → Vorschriften machen (+dat); I won’t be dictated toich lasse mir nicht diktieren, ich lasse mir keine Vorschriften machen
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Upon the other hand, whenever a community or a powerful section of a community, or a government of any kind, attempts to dictate to the artist what he is to do, Art either entirely vanishes, or becomes stereotyped, or degenerates into a low and ignoble form of craft.
The harm is done by the serious, thoughtful, earnest journalists, who solemnly, as they are doing at present, will drag before the eyes of the public some incident in the private life of a great statesman, of a man who is a leader of political thought as he is a creator of political force, and invite the public to discuss the incident, to exercise authority in the matter, to give their views, and not merely to give their views, but to carry them into action, to dictate to the man upon all other points, to dictate to his party, to dictate to his country; in fact, to make themselves ridiculous, offensive, and harmful.
And he who made them, those wonderful quickly-moving figures, made them for his own pleasure, and has never asked the public what they wanted, has never cared to know what they wanted, has never allowed the public to dictate to him or influence him in any way but has gone on intensifying his own personality, and producing his own individual work.
I do not believe any country should be able to dictate to the rest of the world," Fox Sports quoted Holding, as saying.