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Noun1.dictionary definition - a definition that reports the standard uses of a word or phrase or symboldictionary definition - a definition that reports the standard uses of a word or phrase or symbol
definition - a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase or symbol
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In following out the many ramifications of the dictionary definition of GOD he had come upon the word CREATE--"to cause to come into existence; to form out of nothing.
Lynney said: "The dictionary definition of tranquillity is calm, serene, unruffled and you can certainly say that about the scenery and atmosphere here.
Not holding an agm is, of course, contrary to law, the SLA rules and the dictionary definition of `annual' - let alone `general' and `meeting'.
In the most disappointing "Essay," Kosuth has repictured his groundbreaking 1965 work, One and Three Photographs, two grainy black-and-white photographs of a tree alongside a photograph of a dictionary definition of the word "photograph.
The colourful word was met by rows of bemused faces belonging to those who clearly didn't know its dictionary definition - "to censure severely".
The dictionary definition of repent: "To feel such sorrow for sin as produces newness of life.
The dictionary definition of "crachach" is "petty gentry, conceited upstarts, snobs".
One dictionary definition of Philistine is uncultured person, one whose interests are material and common place.
He was invited to become a crew member at the restaurant in Cardiff Road, Barry, as part of the company's campaign to change the public's perception and the dictionary definition of 'McJob' as an unstimulating and low-paid job.
Ofcom said "gay" was not necessarily offensive, and referred to an Oxford English Dictionary definition as "foolish, stupid, disapproved of, lame".
Extreme is good, the dictionary definition being `the highest degree of intensity".