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Noun1.dictionary entry - the entry in a dictionary of information about a word
headword - a word placed at the beginning of a line or paragraph (as in a dictionary entry)
citation form, entry word, main entry word - the form of a word that heads a lexical entry and is alphabetized in a dictionary
dictionary, lexicon - a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them
entry - an item inserted in a written record
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In the dictionary entry, the word is one continuous unit; in the poetry reading, the words are
Contract awarded for Cliche reverse dictionary entry road construction services, disaster Impact Review
The alphabetical text weaves the Haitian narrative into each individual dictionary entry.
The dictionary entry goes on to accuse Reid of blocking bills passed by the Republican-controlled U.
If you search for the definition of 'time' on our free online English dictionary site, Oxford Dictionaries Online, you will see how just how many different senses are included in the dictionary entry.
5 enables users to not only translate words and phrases using ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for Android's powerful word search capabilities, but get instant translation of any word found in the dictionary entry with just a single tap.
THE dictionary entry for the word gullible reads, "easily persuaded to believe".
Table 1 is the data dictionary entry for the Materials table.
It actually has a counterpart in the dictionary entry, "hereinbefore.
The feature now kicks in automatically for certain words, you don t have to type define: anymore, and shows the dictionary entry on top of the regular, organic results.
In doing this they will be learning about lexicography, language change, dictionary entry structure and the historical, mutating nature of genre.
Although they are far from being the largest among the ethnic categories of the massif, they are surely of sufficient demographic weight to merit, in the first place, an accurate dictionary entry and, secondly, a reasonable fit between introductory generalizations about the peoples of the region and the specifics of the Lahu case.

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