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 (dē′zəl, -səl)
1. A diesel engine.
2. A vehicle powered by a diesel engine.
3. Any of various fuels used to power diesel engines, especially one derived from petroleum.
intr.v. die·seled, die·sel·ing, die·sels
1. To continue running after the ignition has been turned off, as when an open throttle supplies fuel to an engine that is still sufficiently hot to ignite it.
2. To drive a diesel-powered vehicle: We dieseled through the countryside.
3. To refuel a diesel-powered vehicle. Often used with up.


(ˈdi zə lɪŋ, -sə-)

the continued running of an internal-combustion engine after the ignition is turned off.
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The average for the first string was 609 fps, but I think the dieseling caused by the excess oil boosted the velocity a lot.
There's a curious dieseling "SAMUEL SAMUEL CLEMENS SAMUEL CLEMENS CLEMENS" sequence Mark Twain's Roughing It, in the 'Curiosities of the Lake' story, in the passage:
The fuel is sucked in as the engine turns, and dieseling keeps the engine running.