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 (dĭf′ə-rĕn′shə-bəl, -shē-ə-)
1. Capable of being differentiated: differentiable species.
2. Mathematics Possessing a derivative.

dif′fer·en′tia·bil′i·ty n.


1. capable of being differentiated
2. (Mathematics) maths possessing a derivative
ˌdifferˌentiaˈbility n
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Adj.1.differentiable - possessing a differential coefficient or derivative
2.differentiable - capable of being perceived as different; "differentiable species"
distinguishable - capable of being perceived as different or distinct; "only the shine of their metal was distinguishable in the gloom"; "a project distinguishable into four stages of progress"; "distinguishable differences between the twins"
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This method has a good robust to solve problems that have nonlinear characteristics and non differentiability, multiple optima, large dimensions through adaptation derived from the theory of social psychology.
Also, we consider the concept of general differentiability for fuzzy functions and we plot the h-curve to illustrate the region of convergence in different levels.
The formula in Badel and Huggett (2015) relies on differentiability assumptions together with the following assumption on the structure of the tax system (Assumption A2' from Badel and Huggett, 2015):
We assume that the functions [gamma] and [mu] are only Holder continuous without any further differentiability requirement.
The book then returns to foundations with chapters on contiguity and L2 differentiability.
One can easily observe that taking the nonhomogeneous time scale the graininess function which depends on point t from time scale T may not be continuous and consequently not delta differentiable, so delta differentiability of the graininess function is the problem that one can encounter for nonhomogeneous time scales.
The sigmoid function is the most commonly used transfer function because of its differentiability.
Disruption, disintegration and the dissipation of differentiability.
Given the differentiability assumption, it is sufficient to show that the mixed partial derivatives between the choice of gift and parameters are weakly positive.
These functions are most widely used because of their easy differentiability but other variants are also possible.
One expects the rate distortion manifold to have (in an analytic sense) some degree of differentiability, though here we will finesse this technical issue and elect to consider the underlying combinatorial structure.
0](n,[sigma],r), where r represents the differentiability class of M.