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 (dĭf′ə-rĕn′shə-bəl, -shē-ə-)
1. Capable of being differentiated: differentiable species.
2. Mathematics Possessing a derivative.

dif′fer·en′tia·bil′i·ty n.


1. capable of being differentiated
2. (Mathematics) maths possessing a derivative
ˌdifferˌentiaˈbility n
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Adj.1.differentiable - possessing a differential coefficient or derivative
2.differentiable - capable of being perceived as different; "differentiable species"
distinguishable - capable of being perceived as different or distinct; "only the shine of their metal was distinguishable in the gloom"; "a project distinguishable into four stages of progress"; "distinguishable differences between the twins"
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Target offers a good mix of commodity products and differentiable, upscale storage items," said a plastic storage vendor.
i]) is a continuously differentiable individual demand function in (p, [Y.
The changing nature and quality of education, combined with the importance of having differentiable innovative products regularly coming out of the pipeline, is moving competency assessment from an entry interview process to an annual check-up.
Precisely, this proposal intends to explore new stochastic approximation and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods to perform Bayesian inference in high-dimensional statistical models that are not differentiable (e.
Relying heavily on Chebyshev points and polynomials, the graduate textbook examines the Weierstrass approximation theorem, convergence for differentiable function, Gibbs phenomena, the Hermite integral formula, potential theory in the complex plane, Lebesgue constants, and Pade approximation.
Moreover, we say f is delta differentiable (or in short: differentiable) on T provided [f.
1) if the function f is Gateaux differentiable at the point [x.
This text for graduate students and research mathematicians progresses from differentiable manifolds and the tangent structure through the local Frobenius theorem, covariant derivatives, and Riemannian and semi-Riemannian geometry.
Let f: [a, b] [right arrow] R be 3-times differentiable on (a, b) whose third derivative f''': (a, b) [right arrow] R is bounded on (a, b), i.
So-called logic-dynamic approach to fault diagnosis in systems described by nonlinear dynamic models with no differentiable nonlinearities was proposed in (Zhirabok & Usoltsev, 2002).
A function f : [a, b] [right arrow] R is said to be rd-continous if it is continuous at each right-dense point and there exists a finite left limit at all left-dense points, and f is said to be differentiable if its derivative exists.