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 (dĭf′ə-rĕn′shē-ə, -shə)
n. pl. dif·fer·en·ti·ae (-shē-ē′)
An attribute that distinguishes one entity from another, especially an attribute that distinguishes one species from others of the same genus.

[Latin, difference, from differēns, different-, present participle of differre, to differ; see differ.]


n, pl -tiae (-ʃɪˌiː)
(Logic) logic a feature by which two subclasses of the same class of named objects can be distinguished. Also called: difference
[C19: from Latin: diversity, difference]


(ˌdɪf əˈrɛn ʃi ə, -ʃə)

n., pl. -ti•ae (-ʃiˌi)
1. the character or attribute by which one species is distinguished from all others of the same genus.
2. the character or basic factor by which one entity is distinguished from another.
[1820–30; < Latin]
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Noun1.differentia - distinguishing characteristics (especially in different species of a genus)
difference - the quality of being unlike or dissimilar; "there are many differences between jazz and rock"
References in classic literature ?
If genera are different and co-ordinate, their differentiae are themselves different in kind.
But where one genus is subordinate to another, there is nothing to prevent their having the same differentiae: for the greater class is predicated of the lesser, so that all the differentiae of the predicate will be differentiae also of the subject.
Altero modo possunt accipi practicum et speculativum, non ut sunt differentiae determinatae et contrariae, sed ablatis imperfectionibus, quibus inter se opponuntur: et hoc modo conveniunt scientiae divinae>>.
Primus gradus, chaos est quoddam esse de igneitate, aereitate, aqueitate, terreitate aggregatum, in isto siquidem esse sunt semina causalia, scilicet genera, species, differentiae, proprietates et accidentia naturalia, nec non universalis forma et prima materia, [.
On Balme and Gotthelf's reading, Aristotle neither presents a natural history nor aims at a systematic classification, rather, he studies the differentiae of animals by laying them out and grouping them, often regrouping them, for a theoretical purpose: to find causal explanations.
Another major methodological issue raised by Parts of Animals 1 concerns the role to be played by the successive division of generic kinds by their differentiae.
Q: How you differentiae Saudi Arabian woman with Pakistani woman?
are referred to only to illustrate a certain differentia or correlation between differentiae.
Hygienic bees differentiae and remove the infected brood before sporulation of the pathogen.
119-138) esclarece-nos a respeito de um tratado composto por excertos das Etymologiae e das Differentiae de Isidoro de Sevilha.
74) The facts in question are of the kind suited to science: if, on the one hand, they provide a thorough and faithful picture of the attributes of the objects being investigated, on the other, they are already the result of a preliminary and theoretically motivated analysis of their differentiae.
A parafrase definidora intensional analitica por excelencia e a definicao por genus proximum + differentiae specificae.