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1. Of, relating to, or showing a difference.
2. Constituting or making a difference; distinctive.
3. Dependent on or making use of a specific difference or distinction.
4. Mathematics Of or relating to differentiation.
5. Involving differences in speed or direction of motion.
1. Mathematics
a. An infinitesimal increment in a variable.
b. The product of the derivative of a function of one variable and the increment of the independent variable.
2. A differential gear.
3. A difference between comparable things, as in wage rate or in price.

dif′fer·en′tial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.differentially - in a differential manner; "Hubel and Wiesel have found cells that respond differentially according to the direction in which a stimulus is moved across the retina"


adv (Tech) → differenzial, differential
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The results of the present investigation strongly suggest that superiors who as targets-of-influence communicate in attractive and unattractive styles differentially affect physician executives' strategic preferences.
One hypothesis for the differential activation of embryonic genes is that information-carrying molecules, such as maternal messenger RNA molecules, are differentially distributed in the embryo.
Results identified 8,531 differentially expressed genes between the dissected and non-microdissected specimens.
The study identified hundreds of coding and non-coding transcripts that are differentially expressed in tumor versus normal, non-cancerous breast tissue, including a subset of genes statistically associated with the recurrence of breast cancer.
They discovered that, despite using cells derived originally from blood, brain-specific and brain-related microRNAs were found to be differentially expressed in the autistic samples, and that these microRNAs could potentially regulate genes that control many processes known to be disrupted in autism.
We measure the 20,000 genes found in these cells, and using advanced statistical algorithms we identified genes that are differentially expressed between patients and controls.
Thus in one aspect, this invention relates to a method of generating a transgenic organism, such as a microbe or a plant, having a plurality of traits that are differentially activatable.
Findings from the first standardization experiment indicate that individual centers can identify differentially expressed genes in standard RNA samples with moderate to high correlation across a variety of microarray platforms.
The elevated risk may be "due to physiologic differences that make women differentially more susceptible," according to the GAO.
The genes that are differentially expressed are assumed to be responsive to the physiologic state of the cell under these differing conditions.
Many of the youngest homefront children, for instance, fought in Vietnam - should we expect their disproportionate participation in such a particularly difficult war to have differentially influenced their memory of what World War II meant in their own families?

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