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Noun1.differentiator - a person who (or that which) differentiates
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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HMD Global, the Finnish startup with exclusive license to Nokia brand plans to launch at least 6-7 new Android smartphones this year and could introduce a new AI assistant as a differentiator.
Differentiator It is especially important in emerging markets to know exactly what your differentiator is from competitors' products - because it almost certainly won't be price.
IP SAN is a key differentiator within our extensive portfolio of SAN offering.
A key differentiator, suggests Extending the Supply Chain, is in strategy and execution.
He also understands the gravity of the task set before him, and the importance of design as a strategic differentiator in a common component set world.
For example, all market indicators show that New York Life and Northwestern Mutual are performing well "because they're a clear differentiator now, they've got their career agents," he said.
Attaching the PRCBS reduces the possibility of overlooking an important report, improves communication, and might provide a market differentiator for your practice by demonstrating to patients that you are committed to keeping them informed.
The niche differentiator has a wide set of possibilities for differentiating its product/service bundle which include, but are not limited to product attributes such as customization to provide special performance or reliability characteristics, added-service which appeals to certain segments, and geographic coverage not provided by larger competitors.
The literature reviewed above suggests that the proportion of an manager's total number of links that go outside their work group (that is, intraorganizational links) may depend on whether task uncertainty is low or high and on whether a manager is a low or high differentiator.
They enable any provider to efficiently and cost-effectively offer value-added services via a variety of optimized topologies including Point-to-Point, Daisy Chain and Add/Drop configurations--a key competitive differentiator.
Major insurance manufacturers that wish to compete must now view the traditional underwriting function in some very nontraditional ways--with the ultimate goal of making underwriting a highly visible business differentiator.
Competition Council Ruling Threatens to Remove Content as a Differentiator