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Noun1.difflugia - a protozoan with an ovoid shell of cemented sand grainsdifflugia - a protozoan with an ovoid shell of cemented sand grains
protozoan, protozoon - any of diverse minute acellular or unicellular organisms usually nonphotosynthetic
genus Difflugia - genus of protozoans related to ameba
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Cyclopyxis arcelloides (Penard, 1902) x x Cyclopyxis eurystoma Deflandre, 1929 * Cyclopyxis kahli (Deflandre, 1929) * x Difflugia amphora (Leidy, 1874) Penard, 1902 Difflugia bidens Penard, 1902 x Difflugia brevicolla Cash et Hopkinson, x 1909 * Difflugia elegans Penard, 1890 x Difflugia globulosa (Dujardin, 1837) Penard, 1902 * Difflugia gramen Penard, 1902 x x Difflugia lacustris (Penard, 1899) Difflugia lithophila (Penard, 1902) x Gauthier-Lievre et Thomas, 1958 Difflugia lobostoma Leidy 1879 x Difflugia penardi Hopkinson, 1909 x x Difflugia cf.
The genera Centropyxis (17 taxa), Difflugia (19 taxa), Arcella (16 taxa) and Cyclopyxis (11 taxa) are the ones that best represent the study sites.
Family Difflugiidae 40 Difflugia Asper & Heuscher, 1887 + +++ Family Euglyphidae 41 Euglypha sp.
Amoeba, Acanthamoeba, Arcella, Difflugia, Multicilia)