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intr. & tr.v. dif·fract·ed, dif·fract·ing, dif·fracts
To undergo or cause to undergo diffraction.

[Back-formation from diffraction.]

dif·frac′tive adj.
dif·frac′tive·ly adv.
dif·frac′tive·ness n.
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Among his topics are neutron refractive index in materials and fields, the magnetic scatter of neutrons in paramagnetic materials, diffractive X-ray and neutron optics, neutron and X-ray optics in general relativity and cosmology, and neutron and charged particle magnetic optics.
Currently, the most popular special effects used by our label markets are products chat are very diffractive, both metalized and C-Thru that can be hot stamped, cold stamped or laminated but offer high visibility in all the environments in which these products are displayed.
Different technologies have been used to fabricate computer generated holograms and diffractive optical elements (DOE) over a variety of substrates [6-8].
The image is comprised of a first region including a first plurality of diffractive pigment flakes each having a diffractive structure that forms a pattern of lines or grooves, wherein most of the first plurality of diffractive pigment flakes are oriented in a selected first orientation such that the lines or grooves of the flakes are substantially parallel to each other and a second region.
In this report, we detail the use of a novel diffractive optics technology (dot[TM]) that takes advantage of the inherent properties of diffractive optics to deliver a cost-effective, portable, robust, optical biosensor that detects analytes at picomolar concentrations in complex media.
Few security devices are as versatile or provide as many benefits as the hologram, which form part of a wider group of diffractive elements known as Optical Variable Devices (OVD's).
It offers capabilities in optical system modeling, tolerancing and optimization to calculate, for example, the scalar diffraction efficiency of a diffractive surface, useful in the design of spectrometers and other grating systems.
The ChipEncoder features diffractive optics technology to provide rotary position feedback of 3300 to 160,000 cpr and 100 to 1000 cpmm of linear feedback for precise, closed-loop motion control.
Session 3--Key developments in major end-use applications: "Functional fillers: The key in advancing the wire and cable compounds business," Steve Ellebracht, Dow Chemical; "Engineered talcs for high performance automotive applications," Richard Clark, Luzenac America; "Mineral filled polypropylene--an alternative to other materials to help reduce product costs in the white goods industry," Werner Posch, Borealis GmbH; "Pigments exhibiting diffractive light interference," Roy Goodman, Imerys Minerals; "Update on calcium carbonate in polyolefins," Allan R.
a worldwide leader in diffractive optics technology, recently demonstrated a revolutionary virtual pen for text input at CommunicAsia, Singapore.
Development of the facilities and know-how to manufacture these gratings made Livermore into one of the world's centers for the development and manufacture of diffractive optics, Miller said.
By controlling such factors as hole spacing, comments Roy Sambles of the University of Exeter in England, it may be possible to create optical filters that selectively transmit certain wavelengths with no diffractive effects.