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v. dif·fused, dif·fus·ing, dif·fus·es
1. To cause to spread out freely: smoke that is diffused throughout the room.
2. To make known to or cause to be used by large numbers of people; disseminate: diffuses ideas over the internet.
3. To make less brilliant; soften: light that is diffused through frosted glass.
4. To make less intense; weaken: a remark that diffused the tension in the interview.
5. Physics To cause to undergo diffusion.
1. To become widely dispersed; spread out: The hormone diffuses throughout the body.
2. Physics To undergo diffusion.
adj. (dĭ-fyo͞os′)
1. Widely spread or scattered; not concentrated: Diffuse light is often hard to read by.
2. Wordy or unclear: a diffuse description. See Synonyms at wordy.

[From Middle English, dispersed, from Anglo-Norman diffus, from Latin diffūsus, past participle of diffundere, to spread : dis-, out, apart; see dis- + fundere, to pour; see gheu- in Indo-European roots.]

dif·fuse′ly (-fyo͞os′lē) adv.
dif·fuse′ness (-fyo͞os′nĭs) n.
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Adv.1.diffusely - in a diffuse manner; "the arteries were diffusely narrowed"
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As he continued his harangue, however, Kory-Kory, in emulation of our more polished orators, began to launch out rather diffusely into other branches of his subject, enlarging probably upon the moral reflections it suggested; and proceeded in such a strain of unintelligible and stunning gibberish, that he actually gave me the headache for the rest of the day.
Grant's being so well settled in life without being handsome, and expressed her astonishment on that point almost as often, though not so diffusely, as Mrs.
Mumps declined to express himself more diffusely than by a single affirmative movement of his tail.
As glial neoplasms, they are diffusely immunoreactive for GFAP.
Pathological examination of the bladder revealed urothelial carcinoma (grade 3), diffusely invaded lymphatic vessels (Fig.
This is compatible with the theory that the left hemisphere is focally organised, whereas the right is more diffusely organised.
The kidneys were diffusely tan, with a mottled appearance of intraparenchymal urate crystals.
The device allows us to quickly restore blood flow to the limbs by removing calcifications in diffusely diseased segments including traditional zones where stents cannot be used without the higher risks inherent in surgery, said Anderson Mehrle, M.
4 cm mass within the superficial lobe of the diffusely enlarged left parotid gland.
The MRI scan (Figure 1) revealed diffusely abnormal high signal on T2-weighted images with corresponding low signal on the T1-weighted sequences in the perispinal muscles.
Both lung lobes were mildly and diffusely heavy and wet.