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1. One that diffuses, as:
a. A light fixture, such as a frosted globe, that spreads light evenly.
b. A medium that scatters light, used in photography to soften shadows.
c. A device, such as a cone or baffle, placed in front of a loudspeaker diaphragm to diffuse the sound waves.
2. A flow passage in a wind tunnel that decelerates a stream of gas or liquid from a high to a low velocity.


(dɪˈfjuːzə) or


1. a person or thing that diffuses
2. (Furniture) a part of a lighting fixture consisting of a translucent or frosted covering or of a rough reflector: used to scatter the light and prevent glare
3. (Electronics) a cone, wedge, or baffle placed in front of the diaphragm of a loudspeaker to diffuse the sound waves
4. (Aeronautics) a duct, esp in a wind tunnel or jet engine, that widens gradually in the direction of flow to reduce the speed and increase the pressure of the air or fluid
5. (Photography) photog a light-scattering medium, such as a screen of fine fabric, placed in the path of a source of light to reduce the sharpness of shadows and thus soften the lighting
6. (Civil Engineering) a perforated plate or similar device for distributing compressed air in the aeration of sewage
7. (Hairdressing & Grooming) a device, attached to a hairdryer, which diffuses the warm air as it comes out


(dɪˈfyu zər)

1. a person or thing that diffuses.
2. (in a lighting fixture) any of a variety of translucent materials for filtering glare from the light source.
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Noun1.diffuser - baffle that distributes sound waves evenly
baffle, baffle board - a flat plate that controls or directs the flow of fluid or energy
2.diffuser - optical device that distributes the light of a lamp evenly
lamp - a piece of furniture holding one or more electric light bulbs
lighting fixture - a fixture providing artificial light
optical device - a device for producing or controlling light


n (for light) → (Licht)diffusor m
References in classic literature ?
Unluckily, Governments cannot be enlightened, and a Government which regards itself as a diffuser of light is the least open to enlightenment.
The case centres around the conceptual design of the diffuser - an aerodynamic body part that aids performance - at the rear of the cars belonging to the three defendants.
Skypanels have been said to reduce tension and headaches by providing relief from the harsh glare of traditional overhead diffuser lighting.
The aim of this paper is to experimentally investigate the effect of a baseline strut on the diffuser performance by measuring the velocity and turbulence distribution.
QuickView lamps are focused to a narrow six-degree beam for viewing deep within pipelines, but the lamp diffuser supplied with the accessory kit spreads that beam for broad, even illumination of foreground targets.
Toray's development integrates functions of multiple films including that of a diffuser that diffuses the light from backlight over the entire display as well as light-collimating beads sheet and prism sheet into one film.
NEW YORK-One product category standout at the gift shows held here earlier this month was the reed scent diffuser, an item that may very well be overtaking the candle as the next popular home-fragrance option.
Threadless Centerfire contact tips "drop-in" the gas diffuser and require no tools to change.
Reducing the electrical resistance between the tip and the diffuser decreases the heat build up.
Among their new range of products, iGuzzini launch two products that incorporate thick glass: iBlock (above) a cylindrical lamp diffuser within a thick glass cube, and Cup--suspension fitting with a high thickness glass cylindrical diffuser.
5 million diffuser at its processing plant in Billings, Mont.